I'm in the hands of the Illuminati!

Or rather, some less well known splinter group of them; not the ones that worship the Big Twenty-Three, but the ones with the Holy Eighteen.

As I’ve mentioned on the Boards already (sorry if it annoys you I bring this up again - it’s simply the dominant thing in my life currently :wink: ), I’ve been writing three final exams in the last eight days.

In each exam, the seats are allocated by lot. In two of the three exams, I’ve drawn seat #18; in the third one I drew 13, but the paper with the assignments on it had #1818 (hint: check the cross total of 1818!).

Clearly there must be The Big Conspiracy behind that. Let’s stop them as long as there is time to do so!

Big Deal!

When you get into the pants of the Illuminati, let us know. :wink: :smiley:

Your fate is sealed.
The Peyote Coyote
Secret Master of the Servants of Cthulhu