I'm in the Huffington Post!

(I hope this is allowed. Apologies in advance if it’s not.)

I’m now an official Huffington Post blogger! They published my “5 Reasons Why ‘My Kids Are My Whole Life’ is a Stupid Thing to Say” piece on Wednesday. Even made it a featured post on the front page of the Parents section. Whee!

Wow! Very cool! Good piece… and needed. You also worked “sneak bragging” in.

“Community” FTW. :smiley:

And thank you, PlainJain .

That is fabulous–you are a terrific writer!

Whoa! Eve, I respect the hell out of you, so that compliment means an extra lot. Thank you!

Good read.:slight_smile:

Do they pay bloggers now? Like Forbes?

Wow- good article, and I agree wholeheartedly with it. Great job!

Thanks, indian and Alice The Goon. Nope, they didn’t pay me. They pay their reporters, but not their bloggers. But the exposure is very nice.

Very cool, and spot on. I enjoyed reading it, will be on the lookout for your future pieces, Girl Next Door!

As a mom who is guilty of making her kid her life, well…congrats! :slight_smile:

Yay for being published!

Congratulations! I’ll give it a read!

Good for you! That was very well written and I agree with it, as a person who has bit of a crazy control freak mother, but doesn’t believe in that kind of control freak thing. <My mother, I mean.> I look forward to reading more articles from you!

I’ve got two things to say. Firstly, great writing. I mean, I’m not critic, but I loved reading that piece…clever, punchy, nice.’

Secondly, holy Joseph’s step son, you put ‘sneak-bragging’ in!!! Whoa! I’m giddy. GIDDY!

Great article! I fully agree.

Style: A+
Content: A++
Sneak Bragging: a milllion bonus points :slight_smile:

No need to sneak brag about your article, it was a fun read.

Cool! Huffpo is one of my top five favorite sites out there! I can’t read it right now because my work computer doesn’t like that website. But I’ll give it a read when I get home. Congrats.

Couldn’t get the Cracked gig, huh?
But anyway, congrats.

Good job.

Also, congratulations on being one of the dozen or so pieces of original writing on the Huffington Post!

That’s an exaggeration, i know, but i simply can’t bear that site, which has made a business out of adding a link and a few comments to other people’s content and calling it their own. Not to mention the fact that you can hardly find the fucking text amidst all of the “Follow” and “Like” and “React” and “Tag” and “Share” and “Tweet” bullshit, which they insist on putting at the top of the article. My politics are square in the HP’s target area, but this is the first time i’ve even visited the site in months.

I’ll be interested to know, Girl Next Door, whether the exposure you get from this really is worth giving your talents away for free to a multimillion dollar enterprise owned by AOL. I hope it is, and it certainly could be that HP’s large reader base will mean more eyes on your work and more visits to your own site. I’m still rather skeptical, though, that those 9,000 free content providers (Wiki’s estimate of HP bloggers) are all getting decent value for their time and effort.