I'm in the process getting scammed...

Well, someone is attempting to scam me…
I got a call from ATT IM Service for the hard of hearing (my Caller ID said Cell phone, but I could hear lots of other operators in the background).
The IM service made this all very slow. He (the person I was ‘talking’ to) said he would like to order forty $45 gifts from my store and how much would that be and could he send someone to pick them up on 12/22 at 3:00pm? I replied that it would be $1900.80 with tax and yes, the pickup date and time would be just fine. We had a few more back and forths and decided this would be easier via email (his idea). The operator said ‘goodbye’ and so did I and hung up.
A few minutes later, I get another call, via the IM service, from him. He asked why I hung up on him. I explained that the operator said goodbye. He said “ok” and told me we would continue via email.
Here’s the email exchange…so far.

Okay, so why didn’t he just ask me the favor outright? Also, how did $1900.80 turn into $1980 (as I proof read this, I see how that happened now) I already felt a little iffy about this, before I even got the email, so I was sort of hoping he would ask for some sort of financing so I could just turn him down and move on. I asked him what he needed.
Here’s his reply.

I considered asking for the CC number just so I could report it to the police or FBI or something, but then I decided not know just so I’m not involved when whatever he’s up to catches up with him. (I imagine the FBI looking at his emails and seeing that he sent the CC number to me). I was going to outright tell him not to give it to me until we get all the details worked out, but I just chose to leave it alone for now. Here’s my reply

Yes, I know what’s going to happen if I were to follow through with this. I’ll lose all the gifts AND the $1250 will be charged back to me.

Okay, just got his reply

and my reply back to him

I really wanted to drag this out. Maybe see if I can at least phish for some contact info to turn over to the police or FBI, but I really don’t want the business getting involved in something like this.
Let’s see what he says to this.

Perhaps you might have replied asking for him to send you the money by Western Union?

Not a bad thought, but it would probably be purchased with a/the stolen credit/debit card or a bad checking account. (How does W.U. work, can you use credit/debit/checks?

Here was his reply
“Thank you but if i should compensate with $200 if you do this for me hope to hear from you soon”

I just repeated what I said above “I’m sorry, this is something we absolutely cannot do.” This’ll be the line I use for any further emails he sends me or phone calls he makes. I’d call him out on what he’s doing, but I really would rather my store become a ‘dead end’ for him. If I do that, he’ll start trying to convince me otherwise and it’s just not a game I want to play with him.

In fact, I’m going to block the his number so my employees don’t have to field a call from him (unless they grab it on less then one ring) and not know that it’s a scam.

I got a relay call scam a couple of weeks ago at work. I’d never heard of such a thing, but apparently it’s depressingly common since internet relay came along. After the guy hung up when I said I had no way to do what he wanted the operator actually said, “Ma’am, that was a scam. Federal law says we have to put all calls through.” He was Not Happy. I think he’s seen a few too many of these. I told him I thought it was but I had to act as if it wasn’t just in case. I didn’t tell him that we have to pretend the obvious scam emails at work are real as well. I really want to go to upper management and tell them what a bullshit policy that is. I feel so stupid responding to that shit.

There are no words. I called my mom and said, “I’ve found a new depth of human depravity.” She was appalled.