I'm jealous of all of people who've got jobs.

I mean, I’m happy for you all, but every time I see those threads, it makes me feel bitter and envious.

And I don’t like feeling that way, dammit.

I want a job.

I’ll call your bitter and envious and raise you a sense of impending doom.

Yeah, there’s that too.

Ooo! Ooo! Don’t forget depression and hopelessness!

Are you guys the voices in my head? I totally agree with everything that’s been said so far.

If it makes you feel any better, my new job only lasts until Sept 6. If I can’t find a way to make my employment permanent then I’ll be back wallowing in misery with the rest of you.

I saw four job ads yesterday that would have been perfect for me - minus the two hour commute, mind you. :frowning:

I’m happy for everyone, too; I’ll be even happier when I get back to making a little money. :slight_smile:

I don’t even feel like I should be in threads like this; my husband has a good job that is supporting us, barely - I’m looking for part-time work, so it’s not life or death, but I wanna go make some money, dammit! And I just want such a small job - it feels like it shouldn’t be this hard to find a couple of days a week job, but they seem to be even harder to find than a regular job.

I’m here with you, people. With a little nest-egg, I started “self employment” 2 1/2 years ago – right when the economy tanked. The nest-egg gone and now people look at my résumé with raised eyebrows, “You’ve been unemployed for 2 1/2 years? What is wrong with you?”


Yeah, I was working on a self-employment idea - it never took off, and now I’ve lost interest in it/gotten tired of trying to make it happen, so I’ve got a gap in my resume, and I’m over 40. I have no idea if that’s affecting my job search or not, but I don’t seem to be getting the bites I used to.

Don’t you just hate when you encounter incompetent people at their work place?

The cashier at the supermarket who is having conversation with someone else and not paying attention to me or what she is doing. SHE?!?!?! has a job and I don’t?

So fucking frustrating.

I’m sure you could get a job as a cashier if you wanted it.

Judging solely on my data from MPSIMS I wouldn’t be surprised to see a healthy amount of job growth when the new job numbers come out.

I’m kind of jealous, sometimes. On the other hand, things won’t be so bad if nobody had a job (just look at any animal that isn’t Homo sapiens, they’ve been happily unemployed for millions of years), so alternatively we can just sit around waiting for that.

How about the sound of the hammer falling?

I received a letter from the state unemployment office just about an hour ago. It says my benefits have expired and there’s nothing else I can do.

My life has just entered major suck mode and accellerating quickly.

My employer is hiring people for the Security department at 13.50 an hour. No qualifications or prior experience necessary. We can’t even get enough knuckle-draggers to apply to fill the spots.

Lower your standards. I have 5 jobs that few people want (and one is a barter situation).

Do tell. I’ll apply if ya’ll aren’t to far away.

Welcome to the future. Self-employment is unemployment. The only marketable skill is keeping your head low and producing for the Man.

I just spent two years and went eight batrillion dollars into debt to get a master’s degree. I want a job in my field, dammit!


No one needs a foreign policy analyst?

Yes, I need a foreign policy analyst who is willing to flip burgers and check if the fries are done.


I look forward to sucking the marrow out of your bones. :stuck_out_tongue: