I'm leaving for Houston this afternoon - what's a good mall to visit?

I am heading to Houston today for work and will have this evening to myself. I’d like to hit a mall, outlet if possible. I am staying at the Hyatt on Louisiana St. Is there anything relatively close (short taxi ride)?

The Galleria is the go-to mall in town. At least it was when I lived there in the '90s. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Looks like I’m only about 20 minutes away. :slight_smile:

I bought my 25th birthday present to myself at Tiffany’s at The Galleria. That was quite a few years ago, and I still love the earrings. I have fond memories of The Galleria.

The Galleria is definitely the biggest, and probably what I would recommend if you just wanted to hit one mall in Houston. There’s actually a new “mall” in downtown Houston near your hotel called the Houston Pavilions, but it doesn’t have much other than some restaurants and clubs, so it’s probably not what you’re looking for unless you just wanted something closer to you.

Also, on the way to the Galleria on Westheimer is a shopping area I go to a lot more, that has a lot of popular stores. I like it because there’s an Anthropologie and a Sprinkles Cupcakes place. It’s on Westheimer between Willowick and 610, so if you wanted to do some shopping but didn’t want to deal with the actual gigantic Galleria and the parking and such you could stop by there.

The Pavilions has next to no shopping. There is some shopping along W. Gray east of Shepherd—Sur la Table, Barnes and Noble, Allen Edmonds, etc; nearer to your hotel Downtown than the Galleria would be. There’s also Highland Village, which is the outdoor shopping center that Sam Lowry mentioned. It’s only a mile or two from the Galleria though, so if you’re going that far, might as well go all the way to the Galleria. The Galleria’s about 10 miles and ~$20-30 in cab fare from your hotel.

The only outlets, IIRC, are quite a ways away, in Katy (20 miles + from downtown) or on 290 near Cypress (about as far away).

Does your hotel offer a free shuttle service? Might be worth picking the concierge’s brain about what sort of shopping opportunities are near you.

Houston’s not very friendly to get around without a car, unfortunately.

Thanks guys! I’m here now and it seems the hotel has a really good shuttle service, so I’ll speak to the concierge tomorrow evening about how to get around.

For more esoteric shopping and dining, Rice Village is a fun area as well. It’s not a mall, so you will have to deal with the heat. I’m coincidentally visiting Houston as well and was just there earlier today. It’s also close to my favorite barbeque spot in the world: Goode Company BBQ.

I second trying out either the Galleria or Rice Village, both are good. The Galleria for the sheer size of it, Rice Village for the “attitude” it projects.

You’d better tell me if work ever brings you to Boston. I will take you shopping. We have great shopping here!

JJ, if you’re still in Houston, you might want to try Gatlin’s for BBQ. A chacun son goût, but for me, Gatlin’s is much better than Goode for Central Texas style 'que (though they’ve sauce too.) If you prefer the E. Texas falling off the bone, heavily sweetly sauced style, Thelma’s is excellent too. (Though make sure you follow ‘the rules’, as she’s rumored to be a bit of a BBQ Nazi.)

The Ginger Man is a treat in Rice Village, if you like beer.

I’ll try them out the next time I’m in Houston. But I have to say I agree with Jackknifed on this one: Goode’s is my favorite BBQ place.

I’ve been to the Ginger Man many, many times. I went to Rice U. 15 years ago. Unfortunately going back to NY today, but will check out your recommendations next time. My parents moved to Pearland a few years ago so I come back pretty often.

Houston BBQ? Goode Company? Get out of here!

Luling City Market FTW. It’s near the Galleria, too… Gray Ghost, you been there? It is definitely Central Texas style (sauce optional, butter soft brisket, and no plates)…

It’s not the same as City Market in Luling, despite being founded by a former employee from Luling. (Though they did their best to take as many of the ideas from Luling as possible.) And how they’ve survived a trademark dispute, I’ve no idea. Trying to remember if I’ve eaten there and I can’t. Probably should try them again, in the interests of science, despite my distaste for their business practices at inception. Hey, if I can like both Smitty’s and Kreuz, I should give these guys another chance.

Honestly IMHO, with the closing of Pierson and Co, Houston BBQ (even Gatlin’s and Thelma’s) is considerably behind the giants of Lockhart and Austin. I plan on trying Stockyard and Pizzitola’s soon, so my opinion my change. In any event, at least I can get 'que here without waiting in line for 2+ hours