I'm leaving on Friday

It’s something that every first time camper would go through at Boy Scout Camp. At least that’s where I first encountered it. Anyone else with Snipe Hunting experience, feel free to add your own take.

Snipe hunting isn’t the same everywhere, but here is my take on it.

  1. Get a bag or pillowcase or box to catch the Snipe in.
  2. Tell the kids to wait with the bag or box at one end of a ditch or trail and that you will go up the ditch or trail to flush the Snipe down to them. When it runs down the trail, they should catch it.
  3. Tell the kids that they should make a “Hoodee-hoo, Hoodee-hoo” noise. That is the call of the wild Snipe.
  4. Walk down the ditch or trail, to flush out the Snipe.
  5. With “Hoodee-hoo” noises eminating from the woods, walk back to camp and see how long it takes for the kids to wise up and head back to camp.
  6. Have a good laugh. Each year the kids who did it the year before can play this trick on the new kids. Hell, your kids can even take other groups on a Snipe hunt. It gets better the more people you have in on the joke. You just can’t tell the new kids what it’s all about.

Now a couple of things to remember.

  1. A Snipe is a kind of bird. It can be small, large, brown, black, whatever, it just should be a bird.
  2. Make sure the ditch or trail isn’t too far from camp. The kids shouldn’t have a hard time finding their way back.
  3. Hi Opal! is not the correct cry. However, the whole “Hoodee-hoo” is open to interpretation.

This is just one of several camp pranks.

  1. Say to a kid “Go and see if you can get me about 20 meters of shore line.”
  2. “Go see if they have any left-handed can openers.”

You are the Counselor. Wise, just, all knowing. It is your duty to pass these jokes along. Soon, all of Sweden will be crazy for Snipe hunting.

Sorry. I forgot to mention that Snipe hunting needs to be done at night.

Have a good summer Soda.
Sounds like a great job.

Oh, I know I’m a pathetic attention starved person, but I felt a need to bump this for the evening people. I’m a narcissist, what can I say?

Oh, and tater, I don’t really know the mailing address for the place, but I’ll get back to you on that one. I’d love some cookies!! And postcards! Yay!

Because I’m going to be living like a nun for most of this summer I’m going to be baking a lot of cookies. I bake when I’m all chaste-like…this way, I won’t eat said cookies and you’ll feel all cozy like when you eat them. Plus, you can use them to bribe unruly children.

Oooh, you can write me back, too. Under the covers, with a flashlight, while eating the cookies. :smiley:

Soda, you can’t go away for the whole summer. I’ll miss you! The kids at this camp are incredibly lucky to be getting you as a counselor. :slight_smile:

Have fun this summer Soda - we’ll miss you! :frowning:

[sub]And Tator - feel free to send me some cookies too…[/sub] :slight_smile:

Wow, soda … looks like you’ll have a GREAT summer :slight_smile:

Have fun and good luck … will drop you a line if I ever need translation help again :wink: [sub]You know I really, REALLY appreciated that, right?[/sub]

Lycka till! [sub]Hope I got that right … [/sub]

i’ll miss ya soda. i was a camp councelor one summer as well. i’m sure you’ll have fun. i’d be happy to send you care packages as well. the kids can’t have all the fun and goodies!

Hey, are you gopnna get the Gang of Wimmen band together to give the kids a concert???

DOH!!! She left herself logged in! That was me above, TP just visited. She left a message as me before too.

A summer without soda is like a kiss without lips. No, not that kind of kiss…

Screw the ice cream, I want Soda! :frowning:

But, I’ll take the ice cream, just in case…

Have a great summer!

Oh wow! People love me! People will miss me!

I feel great! No seriously, I’m going to miss this place like crazy. Do write me, and I’ll try to write back. Or if I have the time, I’ll update my LiveJournal.

Much Love,

Now I’m gonna really post! (No, it’s not lurker in disguise! :wink: )

Sounds like you’re going to have a GREAT summer! I remember my days from Girl Scout Camp… I had some good counselors back then… But I’m sure you’ll be better than all of them!

I’ll be sure to e-mail you this summer, keep you posted on any of the goodies… and if you want, I’ll even keep your head groupie in shape for when you get back! :wink:

Good luck and have fun!!!

My dearest, bestest friends…

Oh, I feel almost weepy now. I’m in the middle of laundry and packing and cleaning up and calling friends and everything else I need to do before I leave. I know, I know, it’s just for the summer, but I will miss all of you. If anyone wants to write, drop me an e-mail and I’ll give you the mailing address. If I take to long to answer, e-mail taterbabe, she’s my liaison officer during the summer :).

And Pisces, do keep my groupie in shape… I’m sure you’ll do a fine job of it :D.