I'm leaving on Friday

Just so you know…

I’m going to work as a camp counselor all summer and there is no internet where I’ll be, so I doubt I’ll be able to check in much.

Have a wonderful summer all, and I’ll see you when I get back in late August.

Have fun!

I will be gone for all next week (not as long as you though) and will be missing you all. I will feel like I left my family behind (though they are coming with me on my trip). Ahh, family trips are the best.

“Are we there yet?”:smiley:

                                           Just a little further.

Soda, you will be missed. Have fun (working as a camp counselor sounds rewarding at least) and tell us all about it when you get back!


Keep a journal so you can keep us entertained with tales of the day Little Sarah thought she saw a crocodile, Amy beat up those two orphans and - heh - the time Joanie mispronounced Camp Kahalaloogie.
Wait, it’s not a band camp is it?

Have fun hon, we’ll miss you.

Have a great summer, Soda. Those kids will do fine, with you as a counselor.

pushes dpr away

“He’s on my side of the car! Make him STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!”

“Soda!!! Coldie looked out MY window!!!”

i was a counselor once. most rewarding experience of my life, i hope you have as good a time as i did. -cm

Oh, wow! I’m so excited! It’s almost a good thing I have a ton of things to do before I go, or I would explode from excitement.

Just think about it, I’ll get to swim, play around, read stories and arrange hikes all summer, and I’ll get paid too!! It couldn’t be much better. Maybe I’ll start an online journal and sneak off to the library on my days off and update you all.

And I’ll be able to check my e-mail every now and then and boy, would I love letters from you guys… (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.)

Ah, my darling virtual daughter. All grown up and off for an exciting summer. Now make sure you pack good shoes, and don’t stay in the sun too long, and take a few extra hankies, and write to your virtual mom - you know how I worry! Incidentally, do virtual moms get virtual arts and crafts as gifts??

Sounds like a great summer ahead! Take care and be safe and have lots of fun.

Sodaaaaaa!! dpr just whispered to me that he doesn’t WANT to write you love letters. He says girls are icky.

And he’s stealing myyyyy caaaaandyyy!! Waaaaah!!


No Soda for the Summer. :frowning:
Have a great time. We’ll all miss you!!

WAAA!!! DPR wet his trousers and now the back seat smells.

Tell him to move away!! Unclean! Unclean!!

That’s enough out of the two of you!! One more word and there will be no icecream for for either one of you. I don’t care who started it. I’ve heard enough. And dpr, if you don’t mind your language, I’ll tell Nymysys what you said about icky girls…

Now, put your shorts on and get in the water. It is not that cold.

Twisty, that goes for you too!

Waah! I hate icecream anyway, so nyyyah!
(Unless dpr gets some, then I want it too.)

Sodaaaa!! Twisty’s dropping his trousers again!

Hey, enjoy your summer! Did you get that whip from True Pisces? I know she has an extra…

Apparently it is that cold…

Being a camp counselor always sounded like fun. At least it seemed like fun on those movies HBO would show late at night.

Have a great time, we’ll be here when you get back.

[sub]Is the time honored tradition of the Snipe Hunt practiced in Sweden?[/sub]

throws coke on Twisty and Coldie’s pants

They wet themselves too!!!

And Nym isn’t icky at all!! She’s sweet an’ purty an’ an’ an’ wunnerful an’ an’… transcends ickiness.

Other girls are ic… huh? ICE CREAM!!!
shuts up

Can I have sprinkles?

I have no idea. What the hell, oops, sorry, heck (I have to watch my language around these kids you know) is a Snipe Hunt?

A whole summer without Soda? This isn’t fair!


[sub]Have a great time. I’ll e-mail you.[/sub]

Oooh, I always wanted to be a camp counselor! Have a great summer, and do check in when you can. If you want, send me your address, and I’ll send you postcards and stuff from my travels this summer. <giggle> I can send you cookies!

The email is tracy_tatertot@yahoo.com