Hello, I Must Be Going . . .

Due to Personal Reasons*, I have to be away for a week or two and will not have access to computers or e-mail, so I will be unreachable. I’ll check in when I get back. I’ll be glad to accept any good wishes or even (if you must) prayers, but I draw the line at {{{hugs}}}.

  • Which I prefer not to go into, because if anyone gives me bracketed {{{hugs}}} I will be forced to track them down and sock them in the beezer.

No prayers from me. Just good wishes. We don’t know each other (only of eachother) but what the heck does that matter.

Hang in there, kiddo. gruffly hits Eve on the shoulder, avoiding eye contact

I came to say I cannot stay,
I must be going.
I’ll stay a week or two,
I’ll stay the Summer through,
But I am telling you,
I must be going.

We don’t know each other either, but anyone who can quote Captain Spaulding is my pal, whether they want to be or not, so best wishes from me too, and I hope you get a light sentence, or whatever.

No hugs or mushy stuff - just good wishes and the hope that all goes well for you.


As you wish, “Good wishes.” And a big bouquet of virtual flowers from Algernon.

There’s been a lamp burning in the window for ya, honey.

Good luck.

A “week or two” maybe - but not the “summer through,” please.

Many good thoughts and wishes are heading your way… Don’t stay gone too long, people around here get CRAZY without you!


Yeah, I’m just cruisin’ for a bruisin’

Well, I sincerely hope you’re getting a Pwincessectomy. That would be worth a week’s abstinence from the Dope.

How about a playful-yet-inappropriate swat on the behind?

Fortunately, I’m not the hugging type, so I’ll just give you a firm shake of the hand and wish you well. Hurry back.
And here’s a mime in a box for you—> [-:(-]

Um, so, um, take care of yourself, and, like, um, you know we’re be thinking of you and all and, um, throat clear, good thoughts, yeah, and um, gosh, come back soon and rushes in for a quick kiss on the cheek and rapidly retreats out of range. See ya.

Well, you didn’t say anything about a kiss!

May the outcome of the random machinations of the Universe be ultimately in your favour.


The West End Lezzies and Admiration of Eve Society

[sup]My wife: Can’t you just say “good luck”? Atheists believe in luck, don’t they?[/sup]

You know some people would pay good money for someone like you Eve to punch them in the beezer.
I hope the ‘thing’ works out well for you and that you will soon return from Amish country.

Take care of yourself, dress warmly, eat your vegetables, and hurry back. This place ain’t the same without you.

Holy cow! I thought you meant you were, like, leaving.

At least it’s only temporary. Good luck with your troubles, though. I’m sending positive vibes.

Thanks, all (except **ShibbOleth **, whose beezer is due for a poking). With all the horrible horribleness that’s been going on amongst Dopers of late—deaths, cancer scares, divorce, firings, callings-up, etc.—I don’t want to bitch and moan about my problems. Let’s just say my life has turned into a Lifetime Movie of the Week starring Lindsey Wagner.