Hello, I Must Be Going . . .

Clinches desperately Eve’s leg

PLEEEEASE don’t go, we’ll be lost without you !

re-reads OP, one or two weeks only :eek:

Ahm uhm, never mind, carry on

Best of wishes on your endeavours

Sexaully Abused By My Uncle’s Father’s Horse, Beaten Starved, Neglected and Sodomized With A Pinecone By My Grandpa’s Shetland While My Parents Smoked Crack - The Billy Joe Lurlene Mcdaniels Wiggington Story?

It’s important to remember, it could be worse.
It could be Robert Wagner.

This moment of levity brought to you by CandidGamera Enterprises - for all your giant mutant turtles needs.

You’re a suburban housewife turned homeless drug addicted prostitute in rehab who’s ex-husband has a contract out on you and you’ve met the man of your dreams who looks like James Brolin and the two of you are running off to upstate New York to start a coop?

I saw that movie!

Anyway, good luck and hurry back.


I’ve needed a sparring partner for a while now…

Seeya ya!

May it soon be transformed into a LTMOTW starring Jean Smart.

bolding mine
Eve’s going to start raising chickens? Shades of The Egg and I!

May I French kiss you instead? Would that make you feel better?

“Liberty kisses” and backside smacks are always welcome . . .

. . . Oh, well, as my grandmother used to say, “things get worse and worse, but eventually, they get even worse.” Then she got a brain tumor and died.

—Pollyanna, the Glad Girl

Eve, he meant that tongue-in-cheek.

So does this mean we get to have a kick ass welcome back party?

(Good luck with whatever you have going on.)

::football-player style butt whack::

(Is that acceptable?)

Seriously, best wishes.

Lindsay Wagner? You’re getting bionic ears? But then you’ww be abwe to wisten to pwecious pwincess wheweva you go???!?

Sending peaceful thoughts (and one quick prayer, sorry) your way. If ya lived closer, I’d bake you a bundt cake! Everything’s better with bundt cake!

*:: pouting:: You were supposed to answer: “No thanks. I jumped out that window a long time ago”. *

Walter Burns: There’s been a lamp burning in the window for ya, honey.
Hildy Johnson: No thanks – I jumped out that window a long time ago. [His girl Friday]

Lindsay Wagner? Shjeesh. I *do * wish you all the best.

I’m tempted to {{hug}} Eve just to force her to come to Chicago to kick me in the beezer, thus saving me from having to go to New York just to meet her (which is about the only reason I’d go there).

Whatever it is that’s going to keep you from us, good wishes for a swift and happy resolution.

*What’s a ‘beezer’? *

OK, gotta dash—trains to catch—unpleasantnesses to get through—wish me luck—see ya in the funny papers!

{{{ rim job }}}

All best, Eve.