I'm leaving the boards for a while

For personal reasons. Nothing too dramatic or tragic - though I’ll accept pity at this point. Basically, I’ve got to concentrate on some other stuff for a bit. I may only be gone for a few weeks; it may be much longer. I’ll still check my e-mail from time to time (not that any of you bastards e-mail me regularly or anything anyway) (sniff). Just wanted to let you all know I’m not ignoring you. I’ve discovered some great people in here, and, I hope, made a few friends. OK, OK, it’s not like I’m gonna be gone forever, I know. I’m just feeling all maudlin right now. Somebody slap me. But I’ll miss you guys nevertheless. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back stronger, smarter, and better than before! Not too friggin’ likely, though. Take it easy.

I would e-mail you on a regular basis – I just wasn’t sure if you checked it very often.

oh fine, be that way.

all the whining, none of the dish…what, you think we care about you?

Seriously, hope everything goes well and you come back soo…I’ve liked having you around. (Not that I matter at all.)

'Luck with it all, pal. See y’a’round.

Woods say it aint so brother! Damn, no one else has the same kinda crazy going on as me, what am i suposed to do?

Man, i just want you to know

You smell like bird shit.

Aww, woodstock… I dunno what to say. I like having you around! If I make puppy dog eyes at you and say “Pweese, woody, don’t go?” and bat my eyelashes, will you stay?

Naah. You do what you gotta do. Real life’s more important than this. Gonna miss having you around here though! My email is in my profile; I listen better than I talk, so use it!

Hang in there, my friend.

Awwwwww i’ll miss you! You really are one of my favorite newbies! I hope everything works itself out for you. You can send me email any time. Like with rasa i listen better than I talk, so feel free.

…and who’s ass will we ogle if you leave? HMM? Did you think of THAT?? See? You have to stay cuz we dig your ass. It’s settled.


We’re gonna miss you man. I mean that. I really do. Stop looking at me with that face, I really DO meant it! Really.

All right, Medea’s Child, you want dish, here you go: I can sometimes be a selfish bastard (shocking, I know, and yet it’s true), and occasionally lately I’ve noticed a disturbing ability on my part to take certain people (certain people who may be reading these threads over my shoulder, hence my reluctance to get too specific) for granted. Sometimes I need to be smacked upside the head and reminded how important these people are to me, how large a role they play in my continued happiness. Aw hell, who am I kidding? “These people” refers to my girlfriend. So I’m smacking myself upside the head. It’s too easy to take the people you really care about for granted; I’ve done it in the past, and I don’t ever want to do it again. It’s also too easy (and fun!) to constantly find fault with every little detail, to criticize and mock from a lofty position of cynical superiority; it’s much harder to appreciate the beauty in the everyday, but it’s also ultimately more fulfilling. Take this message board: here we are, separated by time (zones) and space, social background, education and income, teaching each other, making each other laugh, cry, tear out our hair, contemplate, feel. It’s pretty fucking amazing if you really stop to think about it. And I haven’t been thinking about it enough lately. Simple as that. We’re all just trying to find happiness. The trick is finding the right means of achieving it. Money, drugs, art, learning, sex, self-denial - they’re all valid vehicles to get you on your way to attaining it. Some just bring you deeper, longer lasting happiness. I’ve finally found my formula for happiness, and my girlfriend plays a major role. I know how uncool it is to not be jaded about relationships; lots of people like to make you feel like you’re a fool, you’ve got the wool pulled over your eyes when you start gushing about love. Well, I’d rather be a happy fool than a bitter genius any day. Nobody really believes that “art is suffering” line once they’ve gotten over Camus in 12th grade, do they? I don’t. If there’s one thing I’ll get preachy about - and there is - it’s paying attention to what’s important in life. I think deep down, most of us even know what that is, though we choose to ignore it. What’s so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding? Only a cold-hearted prick is going to try to make a case against love. Everything else is just a marketing scheme. Easy to blame the media (and fun!), but not entirely without basis. I’ve got to say, I’ve heard people on these very boards (as well as IRL) complain about their appearance, their weight, their sagging whatevers, their ugly birthmarks, their blah blah blah - do you really believe these things are what make you beautiful? It almost sickens me, all these really cool people buying into the cult of Kate Moss or Elizabeth Hurley (or Tom Cruise or insert your wet dream celebrity here) and thinking they come up short. Let me tell you something: that’s an advertising campaign. That ain’t real life. Western (which, let’s face it, basically comes down to American) culture is a lie. Has been since at least the 1950s. Everybody’s grasping at shadows, rather than trying to banish them. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain - ‘cause you’ll find out he’s made of straw. This is the truth, or at least a truth, or at the very least a truth as I see it. So who am I? Just another guy full of opinions, OK, but maybe some of them are valid - I’m sure interested in the truth as you see it. All right, enough, I’m not even making sense anymore (plus I’m starting to sound like freakin’ Deepak Chopra or somebody). So I ended on a rant. At least this one wasn’t about work.
P.S. Thanks to all of you - I’ll miss you, and I’ll definately (snicker) do my best to e-mail you. Buh-bye now.

That, my friend, wasn’t a rant. It was a manifesto.

Live it.

Damn and I was starting to enjoy reading your posts. Well I hope everything turns out the best for you. Good luck!

Oh man… and here i was enjoying having someone to discuss music with!

Good luck to you, friend.

I hear the real reason he’s leaving is to learn the mysterious ability to place paragraph marks in posts.


good luck. Hope everything works out.

Nicely put man, makes a lot more sence then those pieces of advise i picked up from Full House and have been trying to live by ever since (yeah… that’s it)
Have fun man, that’s all that really counts.

Woodstockbirdybird, this thread has only served to confirm what I knew already:

You’re so cool.

Miss ya!

I’ll miss your posts, but I admire your reasoning. Stick to what you believe in, and do what it takes to make the people who are important in your life happy. We’ll be waiting here if and/or when you decide to come back, and cheering for your happiness, either way.

Best of luck to you!

That is a good thing to do, but I will miss your posts, and just seeing your name on the board. Do check in occasionally if you can.