I'm looking for a patch....

…for an old game (MechCommander 1) that’ll let me play it on my current system. I think it’s just not able to run on XP. I don’t know whether anyone has the game and knows a solution to this problem, but that’d be great since i’m doubting there’d be a patch anywhere. The old home page for the game now links to sigh Shadowrun.

Anyway, anyone know where I might find a patch?

You should probably look into a DOS emulator like DOSBox.

Did you try the XP compatibility mode? Right click on your shortcut, properties, then compatability tab. Choose an older format then OK. I have some old games on my computer and this is the only way I could get them to run.

Yes! Thank you. Set it for Windows 98 and it’s working fine. I’m going to have to remember that’s there.