I'm looking for a song, any help?

I’m looking for a song that was played during one of the episodes from the first season of Melrose Place. Billy and Alison were kissing to it. I thought it was by U2, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

I recall the words “angel” and “always”. It was a slow song. Anyone happen to know?

After some brief Googling, I came up with “Angels Never Call” by Aimee Mann. Dunno if it sounds like a U2 song (I’ve never even heard of the singer), but it popped up in connection with Melrose Place, so there you go. Hope that helps.

Check here:


Maybe “Angel in the Snow” by A-ha? Season 2, episode 1, used during “Billy/Allison’s lovemaking.”

Looks about right

Thanx guys! Much appreciated. :wink: