I'm Looking for an online visual aid (labeled and in color) of the layout of an accountant's desk.


I’m Looking for an online visual aid (labeled and in color) or photo (as long as it’s labeled) showing the layout of an accountant’s desk as you would see it in real life. Visuals aids, in other words, that reflect the working life of an accountant. I’ve seen detailed visual aids describing many other types of professions , but so far I’ve been unable to find one for accountants, much less bookkeepers. There are lots of visual aid when it comes to explaining the accounting process, but nothing on the day-to-day work of an accountant in visual form. I’d like to see the "accountants tools"on a desk in a way a busy accountants usually arranges them for working purposes.(everything from a calculator to ledgers). Not everything is necessarily done one a computer. If there are any websites or visual aid books on the market, I’d really like to know. I look forward to your feedback.

I’m going to stop short of saying that I doubt that you’ll find what you’re looking for.
But I will be highly surprised if you do. And interested in seeing it for myself, so please provide a link if you’re successful in your search. :slight_smile:
Good luck. :wink:

Could you post some links? I’d love to see what the desk of a computer programmer or a television producer looks like.

Sorry, I cannot help. I have worked as an accountant for 46 years, and the question made me nostalgic for the old days - quill pen, inkpot, abacus and of course everyone had an ashtray. Smoking was almost compulsory.

From my experience, the only thing that makes it different from anybody else’s desk is a larger monitor (24" or more) and a spreadsheet maximized on it.

Very few professionals do work on paper anymore, so everybody’s desk is just their personal affects and a computer monitor. I don’t know how you’d tell an accountant’s desk apart from, say, a database programmer’s.

This. Except a programmer is more likely to have multiple computers and 3-4 monitors.

I’m an accountant. I have two 19’’ monitors one with spreadsheet (maximised) one with outlook. A pot of pens. Two highlighters, yellow and green. A pile of invoices to approve/analyse. A printer. A separate scanner. A pile of industry journals to read. A file of business contracts. A set of trays with manuals, procedures, in tray out tray etc. A cup of coffee. Two other empty cups. A pin-board with handy phone numbers, charge rates, calendar. A post-it note with my most important passwords. Just off the top of my head. Lots of paper still in many accounting offices.