A few questions about bookkeeping

Greetings,I was thinking of starting an online bookkeeping career,but at the moment I don’t know anything about it,so if someone here does that or has a business that has a bookkeeper/accountant can he pm me? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Why don’t you go ahead and ask the questions that you have. I do bookkeeping at my business but I also have an accountant for the ‘heavy lifting’. I’m sure there’s other people like me on the board plus some CPAs.

ETA Wait, do you just have some questions or are you trying to drum up business? (I read one of those sentences wrong the first time).

I sent you a pm,not sure if you saw it…,but I will ask the questions here so others can see as well,so I don’t know a thing about bookkeeping/accountant jobs,but I want to learn to do bookkeeping in order to do it over the internet for other people (businesses),as far as I understand,the job is to write data from papers to a computer and maybe calculate the daily/weekly expenses,although that may be the accountants job and the accountants job is to pay of salaries and other expenses(?),so 1.what exactly do bookkeepers do and how
and 2.does it matter which software they use or can they use for instance ms excel?

Bookkeepers use QuickBooks now, not Excel.

Your local community college likely has courses on bookkeeping and software. That’s where I would start.

Does Serbia have community colleges?

We do have something similar,although I am not sure if we have bookkeeper courses,I think that its mostly foreign languages courses and maybe courses for cooks,designers and jobs like that. So is quick book an bookkeeping or accounting (or both) software? I just want people to send me documents and stuff over the email,then I would do whatever has to be done with it and send the results,but I am not sure if it could work that way and what programs I can use. (my parents used to do bookkeeping jobs,although they’ve done it at my cousins business,so not online,so I don’t think that they could help me,so sorry if I ask too many questions :))
edit:I think that I didn’t mention,I don’t want to be an accountant and get involved with controlling any money/accounts,I simply want to organize stuff and so on.

I think the problem you’ll find is that there are two types of potential clients:

  1. they have their stuff in order. They could e-mail it to you for bookkeeping except that they already took care of that while they were scanning it.
  2. they are a complete and total mess. They could e-mail it to you for bookkeeping only after they hire someone to come to their office, find the papers, request copies from the banks and then scan it in for you. (And once they hire that person, see case #1).

So the market that you’re looking for is quite a bit smaller than you think it is. The people who are interested will mostly be too disorganized to make it work.

If you’re interested in developing the necessary skills to be a bookkeeper, I would recommend two certifications. First, “Certified Bookkeeper” which is offered by groups such as the AIPB. It sounds like you’re not in America, so maybe you can find something similar… but you need to be aware that accounting standards and methods vary between countries. Second, “QuickBooks ProAdvisor” which is offered by Intuit.

So it seems that its a dead end with that idea,sorry to bother,but do you know any other possible jobs that could be done over the internet,that a lot of people could actually need? As I mentioned earlier I used to post ads for others (for real estate agencies),but that only works in some countries,but usa,canada,etc. have mls systems,which make that job pointless there and plus I couldn’t find a job for that even after about a few weeks and 100’s of emails I sent (the emails were alright,just no one was interested),I mean there has to be at least one job you can do over the internet,it is 21.st century after all,so any ideas?