What kind of bookkeeping or accounting pro should this business look for?

Online retail business, a dozen employees, between $1 and $10 million in annual revenue, holds an inventory between $10,000 and $100,000 on its shelves.

It needs someone to handle bank ledger entry and reconciliation in Quickbooks or similar as well as somewhat complicated AP and pretty simple AR, also taxes and forecasting cash flow and profit.

What kind of job title would a man or woman who does that need to have?

How much would they get paid if this was not in a major metro area or coastal part of the USA?

I don’t know how you’re going to go about finding that person (ie zip recruiter/classifieds/sign in the window), but that’s essentially what I do and I taught myself everything along the way. I think think the qualifications you list should be pretty much exactly what you stated and add on that they must have X (5?10?) years of experience working with Quickbooks (specify desktop or online, they’re different) and possibly X years of experience doing small business bookkeeping under similar circumstances.

I should note that while I do all the day to day stuff, including payroll and paying the associated taxes, we still have the big guns [real accountants] give our books a once over a few times a year and do our end of the year business taxes.

Further, when I first started doing all of this, the CPA would take our books once a month, reconcile any accounts (banks/credit cards etc), correct any mistakes I may have made in the day to day stuff and pay any taxes due. Over the next few years, I took over more and more of that to the point where I do nearly all of it.
The point I’m driving at is that A)you should probably still have a real CPA to put a second set of eyes on things (especially if you’re just looking for a bookkeeper) and B)your real CPA may very well know someone that can do exactly what you’re looking for.

As for pay, I couldn’t tell you, what you’re looking for can likely be done on a part time basis. Check out ads for other businesses looking for bookkeepers and you may be able to come up with a competitive rate.

I’m a full charge bookkeeper and I could do all of the things you are looking for. The only thing I’d send out to a CPA would be the year end Income tax report.

I’m not sure what the wages are for the area you mention though. I was offered a position recently for $20.00 an hour and I might have taken it had I not been struggling with a health issue. I’m in California.

If I were to guess, I’d say $18.00 hourly would be a minimum fair amount.

Good luck with your search!

Thanks to both of you for your helpful responses.

I’ll have my HR lady get started looking for a full-charge bookkeeper!

I really would start with anyone your CPA recommends. Once I learned exactly what some of my client’s accountants were looking for it can really cut down on the accountant’s year end bill.

If the business is too small to have a second accounting person (and from your description I think that’s the case) make sure you reconcile the bank and look at all the cheques yourself. At least occasionally. No one cares about your money as much as you do.

Are you expecting to grow?

There are benefits to hiring someone with an actual accounting degree rather than a bookkeeper for a business if you intend it to grow - which is that the person doing your accounting - if you hire the right person - can grow with the business And you probably won’t pay too much more for them than you would a bookkeeper.

Although I take the point from the bookkeepers who have posted here that they can do that, “forecasting cash flow and profit” is not a traditional part of a traditional bookkeepers job.