I'm losing weight and not in a good way

Yep, see the Doctor.
Weight loss without wanting to is scary.
Get high calorie protein drinks in the meantime. Beware they are uniformly nasty.
I force them down.
Recently I’ve been drinking them late in the evening so maybe the calories will hang on better.
Good luck and let us know what the Doc says.

Protein shakes are a great idea guys.

I’ll be seeing the doctor this week.

Update: Whew! It’s just an intestinal thing. Doc put me on probiotics.

Such a relief! I was sure I had cancer or diabetes.

Thanks again for your input folks.


If you’re not absorbing the food properly, that would definitely cause weight loss. Hopefully you’ll find it easier to consume food now as well.

What a relief! :+1:t3:

I gotta say that when I saw this thread was revived I was not really looking forward to what I might read after I clicked. This year has been hard on our little slice o’ humanity.


The gotcha now is that you were losing muscle and other good stuff due to malnutrition. With proper absorption restored, it’ll be real easy to grow back all the pounds but with most/all as useless fat. So appropriate exercise and thoughtful eating of good nutritious stuff is part of a successful recovery.

I had a similar result from a different cause back in my late 20s. Regrowing the damaged body was work but paid off.

elfkin477, that happened to me with Lyme disease too. Years and years ago now.

Good news!

I’ve had it happen a few times, but its mental illness. If I get too depressed and/or anxious one of two things happen, I don’t want to eat at all (with similar symptoms to yours) or I gain 30 lbs on sugar trying to self comfort. The first is actually better, since its easier to put the weight back on than to take it off when you are coming out of the pit o’ doom and despair. Since I know, I know. Which means if its ever something else, I might not catch it.