I'm meeting her parents!

Okay, so I’ve been dating this girl for almost a year, and we’ve known since around Christmas that we wanted to get married. The thing is, we’re both Americans that grew up overseas (although some may question whether or not I ever grew up :)). Her parents work in the jungle in Bangladesh (her dad is a doctor there) and my folks work in Eastern Europe. So, she hasn’t met my folks, and I haven’t met hers… yet. They’re flying into the States this Sunday, and I don’t know if I’m nervous, or excited, or what. Probably some kind of combination. I guess mainly I’m just really excited, because I know that she is the one for me, and I’ve talked to them before, and they seem really nice. We’re going to surprise them at the airport, and I just hope that their being in the air for over a day won’t have put them in a bad mood.

So, whether this is pointless or not, but I just wanted to share. :slight_smile: Wish me luck!!

Good luck ! Hope everything turns out well :smiley:

able my parents didn’t meet Leechboy until after we were engaged and they loved him.

I’m sure it’ll be the same for you, so Good Luck and enjoy.

If it works out well, sounds like a great excuse for a summer vacation in Eastern Europe…

Good luck! I have to warn you, though, be prepared for potential embarassment. The last time my SO visited my folks, my mom got drunk and started telling dirty jokes. Yeah, that wasn’t awkward… :slight_smile: