I'm moving to Seattle... But when?

I’d been hoping my company would let me relocate to our Seattle (actually, Bothel) office. Hey, I’m virtually remote already! I got word today that the new V.P. won’t approve it. He wants everyone all in one place, ostensibly to foster a “team” feeling. Personally, I think he’s stuck in the 70s “If I can’t see ‘em, they ain’t workin’” frame of mind.

I’ll be hitting the internet, looking for work. (I’m a “Senior Database Support Analyst”. Whatever. I crunch numbers and then analyze the results.)

Or I could just quit, move, and live off of my savings.

(Of course if any PNW Dopers know of anything job-wise, I’d like to hear about it!)

As for the new V.P., who has only just come to the department, he’s a :wally

Dear Mr. L.A.,

The large aerospace engineering and jet aircraft manufacturer I work for in the Seattle area is looking for computer people of all sorts. It might be worthwhile applying with them for employment. The pay and benefits are good (especially if you come in from outside with significant experience). You will, however, become part of a huge mega-corporation which doesn’t suit everyone. (Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.)

I don’t have any ability to pull strings or grease the skids for you in any way, and I’m reasonably certain that the name of the largest employer in the Seattle area had already crossed your mind, but I thought I’d mention it. Looking in the company phone book, the number for Employment Information in the Puget Sound area is 425-237-2641.

Oh, and there is also that other large corporation (soon to be TWO large corporations) in the area. I have to point out, however, that if you work for the company I work for you will only be enslaved in mind and body. With them you will also have to sell your soul.

p.s. Any other Dopers out there are welcome to apply. If you’re a Java programmer let me know and you can have the desk next to mine. We need help.

What the heck is it with this “team” shit? My boss tends to do the same thing. Drives me nutso. All of us here on on speaking terms, but it’s not like we’re giddy to be able to work together. Team, schmeam. We’re all here because of the stock options.

As a Seattleite who’s done my fair share of computer work, I can say that a database analyst would be snapped up in a heartbeat. The high-tech job market here is completely insane. Of course, we’ve got a bunch of yahoos with fresh Bachelor’s degrees in VB from Lower Armpit University in Montana, and they would disagree because nobody seems to want to hire them, but anyone remotely qualified is grabbed up within a week. So hey, come the hell on up. You’ll miss the opening of the Experience Music Project (known to locals as the Giant Wad of Gum Wrapped in Colorful Foil) tomorrow, but the summer isn’t yet half over…

If you’ve read some of my other posts, you’ll know that anything to do with aircraft is fine by me! (And I used to work in aerospace. Same job, but radar signature data instead of accounts receivable. L) I’ll try “The large aerospace engineering and jet aircraft manufacturer”.

I took a JAVA class last February. I still need more training, but I’ll learn.

All I have is a decade and a half of experience looking at numbers, processing them, looking at the results… Plus a bit of Easytrieve Plus experience.

Say…! Here’s one of our data contributors (in Seattle) who’s looking for an Account Representative…! I’ve gotta get those letters of recommendation from the supervisors!

Thanx for the help, all! :slight_smile:

Does this mean we should begin addressing you as Johnny WA.?

I’d say your boss is stuck in the '70s, as you surmised. We have a guy on our team that’s working remote in Florida, and some in Poughkeepsie, NY (the bulk of the team’s in Colorado). We don’t seem to feel much of a loss of “team” atmosphere.

I just chatted with a manager who says I’m too valuable to lose. :cool: fingers crossed