I'm Not ALLOWED to read at work now...

I have worked at this stoooopid company for a very long time taking inbound phone calls for tech support. Now, I get a forced promotion and can’t read my books anymore. This job I get promoted to leaves me relativly bored all day long wth nothing to do. I read about one book a day and I was just told not too. It looks like I’m not doing anything. Hey! I didn’t give myself this job! Give me more things to do then! Don’t tell me that it is better for me to web surf rather than read a book! Not only that, but thanks for asking me if I wanted that shitty schedule that I have to have now. Thanks for not giving me a pay raise.

The only good thing about this is that I don’t have to take calls from retarded people all day long who can’t operate their watch much less the device I support.

Thanks for nuthin’


Here you go, hon.

The Online Book Page (12,000 listings!)

Read classics online at Barleby.

And then, of course, there’s always Project Guttenberg.


Oh, and since this is the 'Pit… Fuck your bosses!

I totally feel your pain tubagirl. I too work at an inbound tech support center. The callers have the IQ of boiled cabbage.
Unlike your place of employment…we are not allowed to just “surf the net”…even if it is work related. We are encouraged to do anything else…reading, eating, picking our butts…I hate my management…they know nothing of what I actually do all day, yet they feel the need to micromanage my every moment.
You should find a web site that has whole books that you enjoy on line. Some sites I go to:
main page: http://digital.library.upenn.edu/books/

banned books…interesting what they think is bad for kids these days:


Thank god, you guys posted those links. I’ve been looking for online libraries of books but have come up with nil. I have been doing online crssword puzzles all day. Did you know they are much easier when you have the web at your fingertips.

Technically we aren’t supposed to be on the web durin work, but they have sort-of turned a blind eye at that because they lose too many employees when they bann that too.

Hopefully those links will have some intresting books to read.

Learn to sleep while sitting up. Its a tallent I have honed over the years of sitting in school.

Oh thank you thank you thank you! I don’t need to hide my reading or surfing, but it’s a great way to find something ELSE to read!

Ooh. I’ll have to check out those book links too!

My last job was as an artist at a photo lab. We didn’t do it digitally, but “by hand”, retouching using photo dyes on each individual print. (Yes, this lab was behind the times!) I liked the job, but it was pretty tedious at times. Imagine sitting at a little cubicle, painting with very small paintbrushes, on hundreds of high school pictures, day after day. Picture after picture.

Most of the time, we artists were allowed to listen to Walkmans. We plugged away on our prints, cranking out print after print, while listening to music, talk radio, or (my favorite) BOOKS ON TAPE!!! Oh, the wonderful (usually UNabridged, when I could find them) books I “read” while at work! Our production was up, we were quiet and focused, and we were happy happy happy while listening to our tapes.

But then some jerks in upper management decided that it “looked bad” and we couldn’t possibly be doing our job right, enjoying our radios like that. And they banned the radios. (Of course, the fact that they had never done our kind of job, and had no clue how tedious it was, made no difference.) And our productivity went down. We were cranky, we talked and gossiped amongst ourselves more, we were easily distracted. We were basically MISERABLE.

Eventually we had our radios restored. Happy happy happy. Some jobs just NEED to allow you a break from the tedium! Glad you now have some online resources, tubagirl!

Oh, and I almost forgot. Microsoft has a “reader” for eBooks. Of course I cannot remember what it is called, but I downloaded it (for free) a while ago. And one of the dopers alerted us to some free downloads of e-Books. You ought to check that out as well! (Well, that probably wouldn’t work for you, since you probably couldn’t install the software on the company computer. But it’s a nice idea, anyway…)

Slept straight though punctuation and spelling, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, that was me. The free ebooks are still there (limited time, my ass!) and can be found at Barnes and Noble’s site.

I like them better than plain text files or web pages because they seem a lot easier on the eyes and are formatted in columns that aren’t very wide. Plus you can make it so the entire screen is black except for the small white pages of your ebook. Less clutter.