It's not fair!-boredom!

You heard me, this sucks!

I want something to DO!!! I have nothing to read, no way to get anything. I can’t get to the library, don’t WANT to rererererereread any of the books I have, as I’ve rererereread them so many fucking times!



[mom hat firmly on] Do you want me to find something for you to do??? [mom hat off]

Computer games, drug addiction, masturbation, alcoholism, The Message Boards, Jail…
Hell, the world is FULL of time killing opportunities :wink:

Let yourself be bored, don’t fight it, it’s good for ya.

You want something to read? If you don’t mind reading an entire book off the computer screen, there’s plenty of books you can read off the 'net:

It’s not so much nothing to DO, per se, but nothing to READ.
I did get Triumph of the Straight Dope last night, but I’m about finished with it-I read fast. Every couple weeks I have to go to the library, or I go insane. I’m a reader-I read while I’m on the net (my computer is so fucking slow), while waiting for class to begin, while getting ready for school, eating, etc.
I need something to READ.

Thanks for the link-I’ll have to check it out!