im not antiamerican

To the fuck tards at work. Im against the war because I do not want my friends or family coming home in body bags. Not because I’m a silly fucking liberal like think.
Thank you.

Every time you omit a capital letter, God kills a kitten.

Good! Too many feral cats in our area anyway. I’m glad god is getting it sorted out!

I’m of mixed opinion and feelings about the war because I think we’ve got real messes in Afghanistan and North Korea that should be a whole lot higher priority. AND because I’m not sure GWB is doing what he’s doing for the right reasons.

oh my god! kitten genocide!

just think of it as “kitty litter”

please kill brutus’s cat.


i don’t want to risk getting pitted.
or sound like I might be half-witted.
…but, where is it written
…that god kills a kitten
when a capital letter’s omitted?

Sir. Step away from the (beer, liquor or medicine cabinet) and put the keyboard down gently. Thanks and have a productive day.

And here I always thought a panda exploded. I can’t believe how misinformed I was.

here you go. but remember, ‘masturbate’ is a synonym for ‘omit captial letters’.

Who in the hell is “Think” and why do you think he is so silly?

If you pay for the premium sevice like the rest of us you can post with capital letters and even get courtesy apostrophes thrown in free. It is only $19.95 a month. Send paypal payment to shagnasty@dirtyliberal.cum

Fuck it, let’s go ahead, start World War II, bomb the shit out of the planet, then we can become telepathic mutans who worship the nuclear bomb


we can be a medieval society in which a certain scientist named Liebowitz is venerated as a saint


we can have a post-punk society where everybody wears shoulder pads and skimpy clothing and Tina Turner is queen of Bartertown.

That should be WWIII

Hate to break this to you, gobear, but World War II was started and finished already.

Nice reference to Beneath the Planet of the Apes, btw (IIRC the movie correctly).

I only pay $9.95 a month for access. So please dont night stick me mr retentive punctuation cop.

Nice Walter M. Miller Jr. reference, gobear.


thispost is obviosly the 7th sine of the Apostropheclypse!

yore Welcome.

And here I thought gobear had blown his last and final sprocket … and my what a long drive it is to Spacely Sprockets…

Musicguy - you were right.

December; clearly you are recalling the bastardised version of the original English limerick relating to this whole issue. My grandmother had the original version in her 1925 ‘Book of Words to Remind us of our Language’ I quote:

As grammatical mores were eroded
Capital letters grew somewhat outmoded
But God said "Restore
"The letters before
“I see further Pandas exploded”.