I'm not dead, I didn't move, I'm still here...What do you mean, you didn't notice?

DeathLlama and I just bought our first house and have been tangled up in the mess that is escrow, appliance shopping, home inspections, and wedding planning. I haven’t posted since the last SDMB shin-dig.

I do have to say the last shin-dig kinda burned me out on the SDMB and FFF. There was a bit of belly-aching about which board was better, and which posters (who are friends of mine) are jerks. I (apparently unconsciously) decided I needed to distance myself a bit.

I’m here posting now mainly because I’m sick with some sort of respiratory infection that has seriously knocked me on my butt. I missed work last week, and really should have missed all this week, but tried to limp my way through it. No luck. My voice was completly (and quite painfully) lost by Monday afternoon, and I was a feverish mess yesterday. I finally conceded that I need to see a doctor, and keep my contagious self away from the kidlets.

There is a good amount of stuff going on in my life I’ve thought about posting here…maybe I’ll get around to making some posts about those here. :slight_smile:

Anyway, uh…Hi! I’m back and stuff. Uh…how are you?

Hmm, when I say I missed work last week, I should clarify that I missed one day of work last week–Friday. I’m one of those nut cases that hates to miss work, and being absent (and deciding whether I should be) is a big ordeal for me. Especially when grades are due this week, and conferences are next week. Ugh.

I noticed.
And I’m well. Thank your for asking.
Hope you get better soon Ruff. Don’t push yourself too much y’hear?

hey Ruffian!

hope you’re feeling better!

good to see you back!

I’m not so sure about that “I’m not dead” bit. This infection has seriously knocked me on my butt. Sheesh, I was feelign so much better this weekend after dealing with the flu, then WHAMMO! I’m sicker now than I was the first time around.

I have my antibiotics and herbal tea, but ugh. I hate being sick.

Thanks for noticing, dpr and Twistie! :slight_smile:

I missed you.

Welcome back, hope you feel better. :slight_smile:

If it helps, I was gone for two months and no one noticed! Oh well.

Glad to see you back, Ruffie!

Sorry, to hear the last dope-fest was such a downer, hopefully that doesn’t mean you have been soured for good! I look forward to seenig you and DeathLLama again.

How close are you guys to moving in? What is escrow exactly? Did you buy any exotic appliciances, like an automatic coffee bean maker, that goes to foreign countries picks the beans and brings them back to you to do the rest?

Drink plenty of fluids, from what I understand being absent as a teacher is as difficult as being there what with making sub lesson plans and stuff. So, good luck!!!


i noticed. welcome back.


It occurred to me last weekend that I hadn’t seen you on the boards for a while. Welcome back, and I hope you feel better!

I must say that, based on your report on the LA doperfest, for the first time I’m glad I DIDN’T go.

[sub]I also can’t help wondering: am I one of the posters who was considered a jerk, or am I not a friend of yours. Probably both. For once, I’ll do the smart thing and not ask what I don’t want to know.[/sub]

Welcome back again! :slight_smile:

You know you’d be one I consider a friend, and not one considered a jerk. So there.

The bellyaching wasn’t too bad; we were such an enormous group that I’m sure several, if not most, of the SDMB members present didn’t hear it. However, I was right next to some of the people who were talking about how much better FFF was, and it made for an uncomfortable evening.

I’m on antibiotics now, and the fever is mostly gone. However, every time I move–stand up, turn my head, sit down, etc–I get a stabbing pain on the left side of my head. Stupid sinuses. But the good news is there’s no school today, so I can rest and stuff without the added stress of having to write sub plans, getting behind in my paperwork, or worrying about what is happening in my classroom. (Not too long ago, I had a sub…and the kids slammed into the fish tank, spilling about 2-3 gallons on the carpet)

No exotic appliances, pricciar, just a stove/oven (thus far). The townhouse we bought was owned by a sweet little old lady who had all original appliances from 1976…a lovely avocado green. (BLEH!) The oven there is hideous copntraption, with an enormous, ancient second oven hanging over it (where a microwave typically is now). The black ovens and the Exorcist-puke-coloring of the entire monstrosity just had me retching…and saying that no matter what, that thing is gone before we move in.

Escrow is basically a third party who handles all the dealings between buyer and seller, making sure everyone’s telling the truth and doing things fairly and legally. WE have a lengthy escrow, ending sometime in December…we have to wait for the current owner’s new house to finish being built.

As for the automatic coffee bean picker, no, we don’t have one, but we’re registering for one at Crate and Barrell. :wink:

Hey Ruffian, I miss you! Sorry you’re infected. I hope you’re well soon.

Speaking of houses, my sister and I met with a realtor and got the ball rolling to sell the Westminster property. It looked like a quick sell, and it occurred to me that we’d be kicking the tenants out around Christmas. I talked my sister into waiting until January before actually putting the house on the market.

I’m glad you’re feeling a little better, and I did notice that you were gone. I also sometimes don’t post for a while but not as much of a hiatus as you had.

I hope you are fully recovered soon. Seems like you can pick up all kinds of things at school.

::A voice is heard in the distance:: I noticed . . .

Get well. Or else.


pat on the butt