I'm not doing my physics homework

Instead, I am eating Easy Mac and drinking a Corona (one of the few beers I like.)

How 'bout you? What are you doing to avoid your work?

Oh, hell, I might have a paper due tomorrow (in which case it’s going to be at least a day late because I don’t even know the topic). And I know I have a paper due at some point this week in my film class, but I haven’t bothered to look at when it’s due. I already have a good deal of it written in my head, though, so that’s good.

What am I doing instead? Flirting on AIM, lurking in chat and posting here.

I’m not doing my Russian homework. I’m goofing around on the SDMB instead. And I should probably start my term papers (which are due in about a week and a half. I’m not that bad.)

Well, I’m a grown-up and have to work tomorrow. So I’m having a beer and about to go to bed. Which is not to say to sleep. I’m reading Moby Dick. Go figure…

I;m not doing history homework. Instead I’m posting here.

I have a Math 125 final tomorrow morning, which I will fail unless I memorize everything I can about vector algebra. In nine hours. Including sleeping time.

Do I win something? This is much worse than avoiding homework, no?

Oh, well I DID finish my physics homework, but this Friday (at 4:00 PM) I have a project due that has been the entire focus of the entire semester for one class. I have done next to nothing on this project.

(BTW, did I mention how fuckin’ hard it is to find a solenoid in Troy, NY?)

I’m not writing my paper on the historical Jesus. Instead, I’m on the SDMB and watching Conan O’Brien. I rather like the way this is working out. :smiley: ::lounges::

Instead of doing work, I’m doing other work. This week sucks.

It isn’t Troy, but this place isn’t abysmally far away. So long as you have a car or something.

Oh, and I may or may not have a film paper (c. 7 pages) due today at noon. I have part of it written in my head, and that’s about it. And I have a paper due tomorrow at 3 for which I don’t have the topic and don’t know if I will have it in time.

And I’m off to play Diablo 2.

I’m not doing my Health Science crap for my report at 9:30. I’m looking for a new video card and of course I’m on the Straight Dope.