I'm not really feeling the love the for "The Princess Bride."

I tried. I really tried.

This is not a good movie. This is not a funny movie. This is not a movie worth watching, I might have walked out on this movie in the theatre. I wasted 2 hours of my life trying to be one of the “in crowd.”

This movie sucks. And it sucks really badly.

I’m with you. There’s a couple funny moments (mostly involving Grand Nagus Zek.) But the rest of it is meh.

ETA: And the Fred Savage framing device just makes it worse. You don’t open a story by saying “here’s a story about a guy telling a kid a story.” Just tell the fucking story. Jeez.

Count me in on that. Some friends dragged me to see it back in 1987, and I would have fallen asleep were it not for their nonstop haw-hawing. 100 minutes of winking, self-conscious cutesiness, with an excruciating musical score smeared over it like vanilla frosting. Ugh.

Yep, me four. And I’m sorry, I LOVE Billy Crystal and Carol Kane, but their whole schtick is just NOT FUNNY in this movie. It’s awkward and goes on way too long. If I must watch a fantasy movie from that era, give me The Neverending Story, please.

It would probably help if you read the book first. I loved the book when it first came out (I am old) and years later read the book with my kids before I took them to the movie which was just coming out. We all still love it. It’s a silly story about TRUUUUUUUUUU LUUUUUUV, YMMV :slight_smile: To this day whenever I ask my husband to do anything he responds “As you wish” Yeah, we’re lame.

And the kid was the Wonder Years kid and the grandpa was Peter Falk. Yeah, maybe you need to be a boomer or a boomer kid.

I feel like it must be a nostalgia thing.

I found the movie worth watching, at least once. But overall yeah, underwhelmed.

I love The Princess Bride, but then I’ve been watching it since 1987.

In the book, it’s told with the framing device of a Dad* finding a copy of the book he liked from when he was a kid when his Grandfather had read it to him, and then the author realises his Granddad was heavily abridging it on the fly, so he is now presenting to us that abridged version. Whenever he gets to the parts that are cut out he interrupts the story with some hilarious complaint about his home life.

*A fictional version of William Goldman, who wrote the book and the screenplay


(Oh please-somebody had to!)

I just re-watched it recently, and yeah, overall it left me kinda cold. It’s got a lot of great lines, but for some reason, it’s one of those movies that’s more fun to quote than actually watch.

The Princess Bride has a specific sort of humour, so some like it and some don’t.
No problem either way. :slight_smile:

Very rarely does something live up to its hype.


Recent thread that I guess that you missed where all of this was already hashed out.

I still like it but the synthesized sound track really distracts me.

I love it. Didn’t watch the movie before my 20s, so nostalgia’s not an excuse. But then, everybody likes different things. That’s why there’s so much stuff out there, you know?

Not to be a negative nancy, but if everyone made threads about everything they hated, this board would be saturated with complaints 24/7.

Oh hey, I get that. I was just offering up my opinion. I’ve heard such wonderful things (especially here) that I was prepared for a fun time. Which didn’t happen.

You could have watched Mannequin instead and marveled over Meshach Taylor’s unusual sunglasses.

That’s fine…there’s more for the rest of us then!

(Wait…that’s for ‘stuffing’…eh, whatever)

I’m not ashamed to admit it; I liked Mannequin.

That’s ok. Everybody can be mind-blowingly, disasterously wrong about something and still be a good person.