I'm not religious but this pisses me off

Okay visit the site http://www.jesusdressup.com and tell me what you think about it? I am in no way very religious. I mean I haven’t been to church in a long time, but who does this guy think he is? I’ve got my own set of beliefs and feelings and seeing something like this sickens me. The fact that he made it to where you can dress up Jesus as the devil during his crucifiction drives me nuts, not to mention the sign saying hang in there. ARRGGGGHHHHH. I’m not trying to push my beliefs on anyone but I think just a bit more respect is in order.

I agree. I’m not Christian, but this kind of thing disturbs me. Making fun of anyone’s culture or ethics is an ugly thing to do. After all, weren’t the Jews the subject of derisive actions and comments before the Holocaust …?

I suppose next up will be Buddha, Zoroaster (if this guy knows who he was!) and maybe the Beatles?

Just another horrible thought: what if someone is sad enough to submit this to Weird Earl? shudder

I am not offended by it. It is the same thing as dressing up Little Red Riding hood in the wrong clothes, just another fairy tale.

If you are going to be offended by something, be offended by the fact that Jesus in this picture is white, blonde, and a whitey-tighty guy.

It would be offensive to go to a Catholic church and play this on your laptop. It is not offensive to go do it at a web site.

Plus, the flippers don’t quite fit his feet.

I have to agree with **obfusciatrist
**. I’m not offended, but then, I’m not Christian, either.

I find it offensive. I also belive its the blatant show of ignorance on the part of the site host. I am christian, but I consider myself very open minded towards critisism of my faith (which it deserves a lot of what it gets). But vandalizing the image of a good man? Whats the point in that? I’de like to find a picture of the site host’s mother.
BTW obfusciatrist I do find the anglo image of christ depressing, you can thank the medevil church for that.

How is this offensive? Is it any more offensive than a picture of THOR with a skirt? WTF?

Anyone who finds it offensive is obviously, while maybe not christian, deeply influenced by christian mores. Too bad.

Influenced by Christian mores, just because they don’t like seeing Jesus Christ in a dress? Its my turn to say WTF. I’m sure it would be viewed much differently if it was Dr. King or Ghandi tacked up there. I see very little difference between any of these men, and I would be equally offended. So keep your oh so wiser than thou comments to your self. Who are you to say who is influenced by what mores? I’m rather surprised at your post, you usually have something very thought provoking and intelligent to say. If you don’t have something useful to add to the thread, then don’t post. There is no point in contradicting the OP with something spiteful, when he wasn’t after a debate.

I’m just offended by the lack of wardrobe. I was soooo looking forward to giving Jesus a nice evening gown, and then sending him out on a date with Mary Magdalene. Oh, and did I mention Jesus’s Dream House, and his pink Porsche?

Actually, I found it funny. I guess I liked the different view on the matter.

Well, the difference between them is that Jesus is a mythological figure, Ghandi is not. Come to think of it, I’d find it funny to see a Ghandi, a Hitler, and a Buddha up there too.

And, just for the heck of it, let’s get a Santa Claus dressup site, too. It’d be lovely to put the big guy in some crotchless panties and matching garter belt.

Don’t know if I’d go with “offensive” or not, but is does seem a bit, shall we say, disrespectful.

Regardless of ones religion, or non-religion, there ought to be, at a minimum, a level of respect for another person and their beliefs. This site doesn’t particularly go in line with that. Oh, well. First Amendment, don’t-visit-the-site-if-you-don’t-like-it, free country, yadda yadda yadda.

I’m not Christian but I have admiration for Jesus of Nazareth (hero-worship rather than worship). Jesus as paper doll doesn’t offend me. The Last Temptation of Christ was rather insulting (because it portrayed the guy as some kind of automatic ‘Salvaton’ going through with his Christ-role without a clue as to what or why).

So I take it you’re not gonna buy a “Fuck The Skull Of Jesus” t-shirt?

Boy, if that link doesn’t rocket this thread Pitward, I don’t know what will…

Too late. I believe it was one of the very first Weird Earl’s that was submitted. And oldscratch, regardless of what your beliefs or culture are, I try to refrain from mocking it or making fun of it. I do so because making fun of a culture or belief is rude and completely inappropriate. I guess I just expect a bit more here.

Ok, I am religious (of the Catholic variety) and that doesn’t offend me at all. Child abuse offends me. White supremists offend me. Websites, as a general rule, do not offend me.

On the other hand, I didn’t think the site was that witty, and I’m not going to bookmark it or anything. I just think “offend” is a strong word, too strong for this situation.

I don’t find it offensive. FTR, I am atheist.

Honestly, I don’t see what the fuss is about. If someone had put a site up like that about Ghandi, I would not have been offended. If someone had put up a site like that about Dr. King, I would not have been offended. If someone had put up a site like that about Madalyn Murray O’Hair, I would not have been offended.

It’s a silly game where you dress up a historical figure in silly outfits.

I think it’s just a silly site. Not offensive, just goofy. What is soooo offensive about dressing someone up in different clothes? I just don’t see it. Sorry.

I am religious in the Christian flavor. I fully believe that Jesus was a great man and that people won’t be hurt by trying to follow his ideals. (I like the love everybody stuff, personally.)

Like delphica, I’m far more offended by anti-Christian behavior (hatred, violence, intolerance…) than a cartoonish paper doll. Yea, its not real serious, but I don’t think its harming or advocating harm to anyone. Its lighthearted, with a bit of a mean intent perhaps, but any laughter is preferable to actual injury or denying the right for Christ to exist.