I'm not superstitious, but I'm starting to think Cats DO have Nine Lives

Our ‘barn’ cat turns up listless and lifeless, near frozen to death a couple days ago. Wife is distraught. As usual. In the house comes the cat. :rolleyes:

Let’s review this cat…

Found her somewhere, don’t even remember, near dead about 15 years ago. Bounced back. Hooray! :smiley:

Had a litter of kittens, unexpected, and near all her guts puked out as well. Bounced back. Ho-ray. :eek:

Outlived about 100 other cats that ‘cross the wire’ into coyote country and are never seen again. Good for her!:stuck_out_tongue:

Today, after her being sick and lifeless for 3 days not eating, the wife puts her outside and she disappears, presumably off to die in the myriad of fantastic places for a cat to die around here. We all take turns looking for her (except me, I was playing music loud and drinking beer) to no avail.

Well after dark and cold, I tell the kid to go look for her. He goes out the back door and immediately comes back in, with the cat, who was sitting by the door.

Totally recovered. :confused: What did she do? Go off and sluff off life #4 and come back? :confused:

I hate cats, but I’m glad this one didn’t snuff it. Yet. I figure she’s got about 3 more lives to go, at least.

Every so often, my mom will say something like “I’m worried about Miss Mousey [mom’s current tenant]. I haven’t seen her in a while.”
“Why, how long has she been gone?”
“Three or four days now!”
“Mom, she’s a cat. All of your cats have done that. That’s normal.”

And sure enough, in every case, a few days later, MEOWyouneedtofeedmeMEOWyouneedtopetmeMEOWcomepayattentiontomeMEOW

This is the cat that sat on the shelf in the chicken coop and would bat my wife on the head. :smiley:

You Go, Cat!

Cats are awesome. My Daughter and family were here for thanksgiving, with her 2 Chihuahuas in tow. My cats immediately went into survival mode. They stayed up high in the beams and on top of furniture. They never came down that I could tell for at least 48hrs. Being practical ( yeah right) I ignored the whole thing. I was really just very busy. I feel like they probably lost one life during that time.
Gato, I am so glad you REALLY do care for your cat. You were playing music loud so she would hear it and come home. What’s her name?

Funny. I had a cat who had nothing but disdain for the neighbor’s Chihuahua. It would yap at him from just far enough away, and he’d pretty much ignore it, or just look right through it, like an annoying fly. The Chihuahua clearly knew it would be no match for a cat when push came to shove.

My cats hate all dogs. We have 2 dogs and they tolerate them, but never the twain shall meet. In fact I think the Siamese torture the dogs to some extent. Luckily my dogs are really dumb and hold no grudges. My daughter and her 2 young boys, loud mouthed husband and yappy assed Chihuahuas just sent them over the edge. They are definitely not afraid of them, more like pissed off there were different people and animals in their abode. They’ve been mad at me since. They are masters at making me work for their affection. Such is my life.

Nope. I REALLY don’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a Gallifreyan Timecat. She just didn’t want you witnessing her regeneration.

I for one welcome our feline Time Lords.

Humph. This is why you have an immortal one. Everyone knows that cats gravitate towards people that don’t like them.

So what happened do you think? Did she just get too cold?

For some reason I don’t believe you :wink:

Dunno. But I got a nice Vet bill to tell me what it wasn’t. :rolleyes:

When I relocated back here from NYC with my two cats, my mom just ignored them at first. She always said she hated cats and thought they were all the same, like squirrels (What made her think all squirrels were the same?). Well, they both attached themselves to her, and slept with her in her bed. She finally admitted that they were very different from each other… and she loved them.

There’s a secret duplicating machine that only cats know about. When theyre about to die, they enter the machines and Presto, Fluffy’s back! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohh noes…I hears the sound of tiny paw knocks on my door! I saids too much!

So Gato, what you buying ‘her’ for Christmas? A nice cat-nip filled micey? Maybe a little pink collar with a bell on it? Pix, please.

No, no, no! Cats pick their own presents, because they know we have no taste. If you buy kitty a 4’ scratching post, an electronic catnip mouse with its own AI, and a down-filled bed, she’ll play with a broken plastic straw, scratch the furniture, and sleep in your bed. Don’t get her anything, so she can glare at you. Cats like that. :wink:

You are so right.

The gift that keeps on giving.

For the cat fans who haven’t already seen it, Talking Kitty is a must see: https://www.youtube.com/user/stevecash83.

Warning, there is a good bit of profanity, especially in the early videos, but it’s coming from Sylvester (the main cat).

Ever since that filthy cat was allowed in the house (well, the back dog-room), the wife and kid have been projectile vomiting and shitting themselves several times a day.

I always get what they get last, and worst. :mad:

Thanks, cat. :rolleyes: