I'm now a proud gun owner

Some backstory:

Back in May an uncle of mine passed away. A few months later my family finally got around to clearing out a good chunk of the stuff from his house. This was especialy hard since it was the house he (and the rest of my father’s family) grew up in, my grandmother living there till just a couple years ago herself, untill her dementia forced us to put her in a care facility. It’s still not comepletely cleaned out, but there was one thing that they family all dreaded having to deal with…my uncle’s gun colelction. Not for a lack of love, far from it, my family are all enthusiastic hunters, but we all knew that:

a) he had a lot of guns

b) every one of his neices and nephews had to get at least one (he had no official will, but he had made mention that he wanted all of us to have at least one of them. He had no children of his own, so us 21 neices and nephews were very close to him.)

c) the rest of them had to be divided up between all his brothers and sisters and the rest of the neices and nephews who might have wanted more than one (since some of us also hunt, but several of my cousins don’t and even one gun is probalby more than they wanted.)

Well, they worked out a very nice system, and finally got down to business. After gathering all the guns in the garage, they did a final count…71.

Let that sink if for a moment.

71 guns.

A few muzzle loaders, a handful of shotguns, several pistols, but mostly hunting rifles. He had some rare/expensive guns, too. Like a couple of sequentially numbered Colt(?) rifles that have never been fired, matching sets of pistols, etc…

The 21 neices and nephews each had they guarenteed one, and that left 50 to be dived up between my father and his six remaining brotyhers and sisters. Yeah…that’s a lot.

Well, after all was said and done, my father walked away with some good rifles and pistols, including a Winchester model 1894 lever-action .30-30 that belonged to my great-grandfather (I figure since my grandmother is 85, and her father supposodly only used that gun and was hunting before she was born (though that part is suspect), it’s in the range of 70-90 years old.)

Instead of choosing which ones my brother and I got (my sister could care less, so probably a small .22 pistol for her), he let us choose (though he did emphasize that he wanted that one rifle that had my uncle’s name engraved on it.)

Well, thankfully, my brother took the one I didn’t want, and left me with a Waverly Mark V .270, with a gray fiberglass stock and a Pentax scope (ALL of my uncle’s rifles (and some pistols) had scopes.) My father informed me that this gun was probably worth $1000-$1500 when purchased. :eek: Holy crap, now I’m afraid to actually USE it! (Well, not really. Come November, I’ll take it out.)

It’s currently still at my parent’s house, no need for me to take it with me, since the hunting camp is back home.

Not sure of the ponit of this OP, but I figured some of the gun and rifle enthusists on the board might get a kick out of it. On the other hand, the ATF may now have to investigate my home town for fears of my family starting up a small militia…

Nice gun, .270 is a good cartridge for a variety of game.

71? Just… wow. You could hunt with a different gun every day from New Year’s 'till March 12th.

Just one bit of advice, don’t walk into the grocery store with it so you can show it to cute deli girl. Okay, maybe just with the scope.

Jealously rears its head. Sorry about your uncle, but…nice score!!

So was my dad correct? Is is a $1000-$1500 gun?

If it is a Weatherby Mark V it probably cost that much, and also has probably kept much of it’s value.

That sounds great, bouv. What a fantastic legacy. He would be pleased that the decision meant so much to you all.

I have some guns that belonged to my father and grandfather; they’re one of my favorite kinds of heirlooms, along with Grandma’s quilts. If I may make a suggestion - since your sister isn’t into guns, maybe you guys that are should pick out and designate some familialy significant ones for her kids (future or not, whatever.)

Also, before you shoot it, check the calibre carefully. If it is a Weatherby, odds are good it is a 270WBY calibre. You don’t want to be using the wrong ammunition.

My nephews and nieces will have to divy up my porn.

I’m fairly certain it’s a 270 win., but I will make sure to double-check before getting ammo.

If it’s an older Mark V, it’s probably a 270 Weatherby Magnum. Although the Weatherby website shows that they are now available in 270 Win. In addition, it looks like there is now soemthing called a 270 Winchester Short Magnum, although that is only available on the Weatherby Vanguard rifles. Quit shooting for a few years and everything changes.

No way to be sure until you check, although when you look at the prices of the Weatherby Magnum ammunition prices you are going to wish it is 270 Win. It’s a major reason I started to reload. One time at the gun counter at Wal Mart I saw a man with an empty 270 Weatherby case lined up on the counter next to a loaded 270 Win cartridge. He was eyeing them very carefully and it was clear he was thinking about trying out the 270 Win load in his Weatherby. I explained two of the most obvious differences (the belt and the shape of the shoulder) and why it wouldn’t work. He thanked me, but when I left he was still comparing the two :rolleyes:

Anyway, enjoy the gun. I love mine, I’ve shot a 1" group at 200 yards with it.

The muzzle loaders, please tell me more?