I'm off to Indy Friday . . .

. . . and I can’t meet anybody. Trade show with a vanful of coworkers. Down Friday morning and back Saturday night or Sunday morning, depending on whether a coworker is going to win an award at the Sat nite banquet.

I will have to drown my sorrows at Sony’s big bash Friday night. And maybe a casino on the way home. Boo-hoo-hoo.

But not at Tom Peters’ keynote luncheon speech. I don’t care if they are feeding me for free. Life and my visit to the show are too short for that. I have to learn much about my industry (electronic houses) while not sounding stupid when people talk to me. Leaving me in big trouble.

Have a good time, sweetie, and learn lots!


Ditto, dropzone! You’re splitting any casino winnings with me and Scotti, right? :smiley:

Sure! But since I don’t gamble there won’t be any. I’ll just play the nickel slots, which isn’t gambling. Gambling requires elements of both risk and gain. There’s no risk in playing liar’s poker against drunken salesmen. There’s no gain in playing any casino games. With the nickel slots my quarters last about as long as they do playing regular video games. Longer, since so many games are fifty cents now. It’s just a way to kill time.