I'm officially disowning my hometown.

Thanks for this you bunch of fucking racist bastards. This is an embarrassment for Johnstown. I was born in Wyoming but spent most of my childhood around Johnstown. But from now on I think I will say Wyoming when someone asks. :frowning:

I will say this, hopefully this is not a view commonly held but contained to the redneck areas around south central PA. Because if not Obama is in trouble, even if I don’t care for some of his positions nothing he has done or says deserves this kind of treatment.

This is the third or fourth video I’ve seen of McCain supporters spouting vile crap. They literally make me want to throw up. If Obama wins, I think we’re going to see some angry outbursts from some of these people and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an uptick in politically motivated violence.

I don’t care what side of the political fence you masturbate on, that is some vile, reprehensible behavior.

I’m amazed at how many of them attempt to dehumanize Obama, and paint a sitting US Senator as a terrorist.

And what’s with these douchenozzles standing in line on at a weekday rally yelling at protestors to “get a job?”

My daughter was up a lot of last night so this morning I caught our local news for the first time in a while. And they said something about a monkey and Obama at the Palin rally, I couldn’t wait through a commercial so I used the power of the internet.

When I saw that clip it made me want to vote for Obama. Brought absolutely nothing positive, and even if edited to make it look worse, (back and forth taunting) it is disgusting the level of ignorance shown by those that mouthed off.

And anyone, on here or in real life, that can defend that isn’t worth the spit to be spat upon. The only good thing I guess while watching it again, is it wasn’t even close to all the McCain supporters that spouted the shit. A vocal minority, I hope.

Holy mackerel. I hadn’t watched any of those before.

Here are a couple more:

Bethlehem, PA
Strongsville, OH

Why disown your hometown? Idiots can come from anywhere. Would you like me to introduce you to some of the morons hailing from my small hamlet?

Hey, man, some of us have jobs, too, and can’t watch videos. :wink:

What’s it say?

*I managed to turn one of the wifey’s parents away from McCain/Palin by showing them footage of the Ohio and Florida rallies, without comment.

I’m with RyJae. I’m not from there, but of the three videos posted, the Jonestown folks are the most embarrassing. I feel for ya.

I think the most over-the-top piece was an old guy carrying a stuffed monkey with a Obama sticker on its head, and saying “This is little Hussein. Little Hussein wanted to see truth and good Americans.” And then cackled as he walked away.

Most of the rest of it consisted of the usual “Communist” yells, “Get a job” yells, and “Barack, Ayers-- need we say more?” yells.

Why would you let the fact that idiots make endorsements one way or the other have any bearing on your political choices?

Its like saying most mass murderers like chocolate so it must be horrible stuff.

There’s plenty of reasons to not like McCain (or Obama for that matter) for the things that THEY say or do. To base your decisions on a reaction to the lowest element of their supporters is a scarier thought than anything the subjects on the videos spew out.

I’m not a McCain supporter and haven’t ever been, but I can see the logic in RNATB’s and RyJae’s posts. If I was considering voting for McCain/Palin, seeing these videos would make me think about the fact that something about their campaign or platform appeals to these crowds. If I don’t identify with those crowds at all (or have a visceral negative reaction to them), I would certainly question whether or not I could vote for McCain/Palin and, at the very least, explore the reasons their platform or campaign is pulling in this group of people.

A lot of people base their votes on what other people tell them - parents, friends, Rush Limbaugh, etc. If you’d been voting for McCain because you kept hearing that Obama was a negro/Arab/commie/terrorist/whatever, then discovered what else people who thought that believed, wouldn’t that sway you somewhat?

Anyway, as I said, I simply showed them the videos, and withheld comment.

C3 nailed it. This was an official campaign rally held for the ticket, if it was me and I knew some of my supporters spewed that crap I would have organizers in the crowd trying to control it. And turning people like the guy that had monkey with an Obama sticker away.

But this irk is much larger, McCain can say all he wants about not attacking Obama based on race and other irrelevant things, but until he or his campaign take an active approach removing those people he is encouraging racism by allowing them to use his campaign to spout those views.

I agree.

It’s not that racist idiot contaminate the McCain ticket or give them cooties or anything. It’s a question of what it is, precisely, that those racists feel offer them a home in the McCain ticket.

It might be simply that McCain and Palin are white. Or, it might be something they are saying or doing. Maybe a combination of the two.

All of those people have nothing to say about McCain. It’s only negative things about Obama. For all we know, McCain is a Muslim, (but then who cares). And, for all we know he’s a terrorist. That’s what my five-year-old cousin said:

McCain is a terrorist!

McCain is a socialist!

McCain is a child molester!

McCain is an illegal immigrant from Panama!

Palin is deliberately pandering to these crazies. You can not divorce their campaign from the nuts now. It is what she does. They are responsible for what they have fertilized and watered. It is the crop they grew.

Yeah. You can argue, quite rightly, that the campaign can’t control what their supporters say/do/think. That conveniently ignores the fact that if they had a tiny bit of sense, they would be screaming for people to shut the hell up, because they’re really not helping.

I was really happier in my ignorance before I realized how bigoted some people can be.

Intentional? :wink:

Folks, despite what you see in that clip, western Pennsylvania is quite scenic and charming in many areas, and cheerfully welcomes your investment dollars. Also, please remember that Johnstown is routinely devastated by floods, and so most of the people in that rally will eventually be washed away.

I grandpap was a “hero” in the 77’ flood*. Most of my relatives lived in Tanneryville, which was in the direct line of the flood waters. Sadly my family lost a few relatives in the flood but the best came out as well. My pap carried a few elderly neighbors up a hill before his and there homes washed away. He likes telling the story of tricking the National Guard into letting him get through the blockades so he could get to work. He tells the story telling us how lazy we are calling off for such silly things as being sick. :wink:

  • My mom and dad had us in Wyoming at the time, when she heard the story on the radio she got scared, no phones no way of knowing anything but Tanneryville had been decimated. She spent a day crying, fearing the worst, when she heard her dads voice on the radio talking about getting the neighbors to safety.