Democrat Thugs Disrupting Events

I wonder how much of a feature of the campaign this will become?

Another incident in Virginia:

I blame desegregation.

Can you link to an actual news story instead of an editorial, please?

I read both articles; where were the “thugs”? And what events were disrupted?

That first link appears to just let anyone submit their own “news stories”.

I should have thought the Obama campaign would want Ryan’s ideas to be known as widely as possible. They don’t want to shut him up.

The second link appears to go to a site that is incredibly racist. Like old school, 1960’s Strom Thrumond racist.

So, basically, it’s more make-believe Republican fear-mongering.

“Thugs”. Nice horseshit thread.

I could have clicked on the OP’s links but figured since he is unable or unwilling to correctly spell Democratic there wasn’t much point.

is there any chance this posts belongs in the Elections forum?

makes really loud fart noise

I’m bad master 'luc, and I’m a thug for Obama!
You start talkling policy, I’m talking bout yo mama!
I talk in runon sentences that never use a comma
Fuck with me, I kick yer ass, learned kung fu from the Dalai Lama!

The idea is to rile the rightards enough that they draw their guns. Then we win.

The phrase “liberal commentator Mark Halperin” is a dead give-away.

This is the guy who called Obama a dick on Morning Joe. He was number 1 on Salon’s hack list:

Conservatives have a really hard time with this kind of thing.

According to the Des Moines Register, there were hecklers, and a few were escorted from the building. There were no arrests. I haven’t seen such violence and fear-mongering since my aunt wrote a sternly-worded letter to city council. Thank goodness the anticipated blood flowing in the streets didn’t materialize then, either.

The last time I saw a band of thugs attacking election officials in this country, it wasn’t Democrats doing it.

I’m beginning to hear this “Those people, you know the ones I mean, they’re going to riot and kill people if Obama loses” more and more often. I’m beginning to think this is the excuse they’re setting up for after Obama is reelected- “I wanted to vote for Romney, gee, I really did, but I didn’t want those people to start a war!”

So the Romney bus circling Obama events and honking… What’s that count as?

Well, to some conservatives, he IS (too) liberal, I’m sure.

Ryan is always facing people trying to shout him down. I don’t know if it’s an organized thing, but some people obviously are afraid of what will happen if he gets a chance to persuade voters.

Then there are those people, you know the ones I mean, who apparently are going to start shooting if Romney loses.

Boy, first nobody stops the liberals when they take over every media outlet, and now they’re just completely shouting down all public discourse with their thugs!

What a bunch of wimps the right wing must be.