I'm old! Why am I old?

Holy cow! I just heard a cover of “Whip It” (Devo) on the latest Swiffer commercial. I was 17 when it was released.

What happened to me?

That makes you what, like, forty? You’re a PUP! I have Reeboks older than you!!..Timmy

I met your brother, Rig, at a recent symposium. He too told me to buck up.

The best was the Chuck E. Cheese cover, c. 1983 – that was surreal.

I’d actually read about it before I saw it – Slate had an interesting take on it. I saw the ad for the first time last night and was amused.

Beats the alternative, bub.

twickster: thanks for the link. Neat stuff.

De nada.

Well, my kid makes me listen to Balzac so I can feel young (and deaf) again…

And he’s starting to like my Pink Floyd CD’s…

A father and son bonding session…:slight_smile:

yer old cause ya ain’t dead yet…

Hemorrhoids, a spasming back,
A much more hirsute bottom crack,
My best friends now are orchid plants,
The only choice is pleated pants.

At Gamma Chi I was a dandy,
Now I’ve traded beer for brandy,
An afghan oft adorns my lap,
Oh screw it, I’ll just take a nap.

verbenabeast beat me to it.

You’re old because you didn’t die.

“No, you’re never too old to Rock’n’Roll if you’re too young to die.”

/Jethro Tull

I understand. When I was 15, I know some day I be 50 I could live with that. But no one ever told me parts would quit working! That 15 year old is still in here, puzzled at why getting out of bed is so hard!
I’m pretty sure this wasn’t in the contract.

Shoot, Mr. B, I’ve got suits that are older than you. I think I got stuff in my freezer that is older than you.

That’s not old. Old is knowing all the lyrics on the songs on the local nostalgia radio station. Old is remembering how pleasant it was to give up using a card punch to create computer programs. Old is hearing your friends talk about the mixed emotions they feel on the first day of school, and realize they mean about their grandchildren. Old is meeting your co-workers mother, and finding out she is younger than you are.

Old is having that hard body hottie at the gym call you “sir”. Old is combing your moustache, and finding that half the hairs in it are growing out of your nose.

Old is driving a car that costs more than your first house. Old is making more money than you ever dreamed of, and being further in debt that you ever imagined.

Old is trying to decide what wine goes best with fiber. Old is finding conversations about the side-effects of medication to be fascinating and absorbing.

And old is droning on via the Internet about things that everyone under thirty secretly believes will never really happen to them.


Thanks, Shodan. Gave me a laugh, especially about the money!

At last, I have a leg up.

BTW peakaboo nurse <grin> and Shodan: Can you pinpoint the moment you slapped your head and said “crap, I’m old!” for the first time?

BTW[b}Mr B**its “PICU, as in Pediatric Intensive Care” Just don’t want any misunderstandings :slight_smile:

:smiley: But I figure you get a few chances to play it everyday? Hat’s off to you for your career choice.

I have trouble remembering back that far.

Actually, I think it was my first prostate exam, which was conducted by a female doctor who was[ul][li]Apparently about twelve years old,[/li][li]Ten and a half months pregnant,[/li][li]Remarked in passing that I was in reasonably good shape “for a man my age”.[/ul] Darn kids mumble mumble mumble…[/li]

…what’s that you say?


<faints dead away>

You want old?

How about my kids dont know the meaning of the phrase “You sound like a broken record”? Why? Because theyve never seen one played!

How about going to an Earth Wind and Fire Concert and the guys passing me the doobie are in their fifties!

How about my kids friends not knowing how great (or who exactly) the Beatles are!!!

How about being a looong time fan of a movie (Star Wars) that is almost twice as old as your kids?

and finally how about knowing what your teenager is doing 10 ways ahead of them because you used to do the exact same thing? …and did them better you thought.