I'm on the Dutch "Jeopardy" next week! Wish me luck!

Dutch television has a few factoid-quiz-shows, like the USA show Jeopardy, but “Per seconde wijzer” is the oldest of them all. And thats the show I’m on.

For fun, I took a test in september 2004 to see if I qualified as an 'quiz-candidate. I passed the test, yay! Then, lots and lots of Dutch silence (filled with drizzly rainy days, mostly) :). And then, last week, I got a letter inviting me as a reserve to the studio for next Tuesday, and if that didn’t come through, to be taped Oct 7’th.

Oh og, I’m nervous. I enrolled for “science” because I know nothing about music, sports, cars or politics, and science was the only area in which I felt I could avoid those topics. But science is not my best field, and I’m sure I will only make it to round one. Also, I haven’t watched the show in months and I’m sure I will make some strategic errors.

The good thing is, I can hide my big butt behind the quiz-table, and make my face all purty with make-up. :smiley:

There are no big prizes to win; candidates who make it to the championsround, roudn 4, take home maybe 8000 dollars with them, and candidates in rounds 2 & 3 maybe 1200 bucks. But it’s an honor thing, and I’m going to do my best. Wish me luck!

goed geluk

I’d say that “Per seconde wijzer” is way more difficult than Jeopardy…Is “Twee voor Twaalf” still on TV? I will be moving back to Europe in November - most likely Amsterdam. Can’t wait for some decent tv programs

I think Twee voor Twaalf is still on, yeah. :slight_smile:

Congrats, Mosa Trajectum! That’s one TOUGH show you’re gonna be on. Let us know when it airs! :slight_smile:

Veel geluk! I a pretty sure I’d never make it into a Jeopardy style quiz show, much less do well on one.

Don’t forget to post and let those of us who don’t get the program (and who wouldn’t understand it if we did) know how you did.

Good luck!!!


It airs exactly two weeks from now. And then another show a week later, but we’ll have to get back to you on whether or not you’re allowed to watch that episode. But the one, two weeks from now, you can watch, most definitely. :smiley:

Well done Maastricht. You makes me proudest to bee ur dumby petit amor … mumble mumble. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! Well done and good luck Maastricht. ‘Per Seconde Wijzer’ ain’t easy.
I’m so glad it isn’t LINGO. :wink:
Is -what’s his name, the one with the thick spectacles - still presenting it?

So, it on TV on October 11?
If I can’t watch, I’ll tape it.

Break a leg and veel mazzel!

Kees Driehuis? I think he still hosts it, yeah.

OK, October 11 - I’ll make sure to watch!

As the old Dutch phrase goes in Flanders, “Bon chance!”
Kick ass. If you win, send everyone in this thread a package of stroopwafels.

That’s because they have to take the quiz in Dutch.
Good Luck Maastrict!!!

Good luck, Maastricht, we’re all counting on you.

Yep! As Arwin said, my quiz will air October 11’th, 20.20 Nederland 3. Thanks love!

It was quite the experience. There were six of us candidates, waiting all day in the canteen for our 15 minutes in the studio. On the quiz, I did quite well, but the questions were really suited to my interests. When I enlisted, I said plants, animals and psychology were my forte; and plants, animals and psychology I got. :slight_smile:
So yay, I can come back for round two! But who knows; if they start asking me about physics and math in round two, I’ll start going “eh…” BIG time.

Kees Driehuis was very charming. And guess what: he wears a pair of comfy old jeans where the camera can’t see him. On his upper body, it’s all chic Armani suits. :smiley:

And thanks everyone for your well wishes. Capybara, I’ll send you a packet of the best stroopwafels our Consumer-magazine has tested, if I make it to round three. And Zebra, you’re cracking me up.

I wish they shot game shows where I lived. I know I could win some money.

I’m sure you could, Shirley. On Per Seconde Wijzer, after round two, I could win theoretically 1000 euro’s/dollars. If I stop after round 2, I get half that amount, and I pay 25% taxes, so I end up with less then 400 dollars.

But after a succesful round three, I could end up with 1000-1200 dollars.

With me on the show was a guy who made it to the champions round, round 4 and he won. After taxes, he gets 7000 dollars. :eek:
But a candidate winning that much hardly ever happens; most candidates in PSW are in it to gain a reputation. :slight_smile:

There are quiz for the big money in the Netherlands, though. Like “Weekend-millionaires”. I’m dumb; I didn’t enroll for one of those.

Oh, I’m old; I still remember the time when TV-quiz candidates won clocks and gourmet-sets and, if they were lucky, a refrigerator.

That is so cool! Best of luck to you on the next round.

Missed installment one of this breaking news but am seemingly in time to wish you luck in the next round.

I’m quite impressed. I remember this quiz being quite tough!
Succes ermee!

Or if you fucked it all up, you got the troostprijs! Something useful like a trailer load of potaties, tractored on to the stage instantly of course. :smiley:

Round Two, eh? Man, I struggle to answer half the questions on that show. If I enlist, can I then choose topics like “Formula One Trivia”, “Canadian prog-rcok Trios from Toronto” and “Belgian dark beers 1990-current”? Or is there a fixed preset?

Anyways, good luck in round two, and I’m looking forward to seeing you in round one. :slight_smile:

Oh, bollocks. I’m going to a concert tonight, but I’ll ask the lovely Heloise to program the VCR. Don’t want to miss this. :smiley: