I'm Pale and Proud

Yeah, that’s right. I’m pale. I use the lightest shade of foundation. I cannot tan.

But I refuse to be ashamed of this. I won’t get skin cancer from trying to get bronzed, for one thing. Plus, tan as beautiful is a passing fad. Pale was popular for at least hundreds of years - to the point where women poisoned themselves with lead to achieve the effect!

My fellow pale people, we must join together! Who’s with me?

I’m so pale I glow in the dark. Well, not on my face, because I’ve gotten too many sunburns going out to check the mail, walk the dog, etc. Feh. And they said “light colored surfaces reflect light”. Ptooey on that. I think I must have some weird sunburn attracting skin.

I’m not ashamed of it, either. I want to say something snarky, like “power to the pigmentally-challenged!” but that just sounds kind of supremacist.

So, I’ll just sit here in this dark corner and glow like a nuclear-holocaust kid. :smiley:

I’m with you. I’m pale with dark hair. Which makes me look even more pale.

Or I’m a ghost. It’s hard to tell.

I’m not pale. Everyone else is just overly dark.

When my freckles all join up, then I’ll have the bestest tan. Today I look like neapolitan ice-cream…'cos I went to the local swimming pool this morning and got a tad singed. Pink and white with chocolate splotches am I!

But tomorrow I’ll be back to predominantly white again.

I’m in! Or at least, I’m in if you promise we’ll never meet at the beach.

I’m pale, too. Red hair, blue-green eyes. These do not a dark complexion make–I’m mostly freckled along the areas that get the most direct sunlight. I look somewhat human along the back of my neck, the face and the upper parts of my lower arms, but elsewhere–white.

Pale is pretty sexy on the right people. It just makes me look fatter.

Hell, I could out-pale any of you chumps whilst you were naked on the blacktop. I’m practically self-illuminating.

Most of me is pale. My face and arms can get a bit brown, but that soon fades once winter returns.

One of my nicknames at school was “Snow White”. Unfortunately, the “fairest of 'em all”, and not in a good way.

I’m so pale that the Goths wish they were as pale as I am.

I AM the living dead, vampyre.

And I am a brunette, I have brown hair and yet my hair wants to go red so badly that it will fade black dye from blue/black to auburn :eek:

I’m very pale.

I’m pale enough that if I get a zit, it glows from the distance like the the morning star, only red. A friend tells me whenever we meet that I’m still “pale as butt-cheeks”. And I too, have dark hair.

I’m ok with that. Heck, I’ve been this way all my life, so why should it bother me now?

My Almay foundation is actually called Pale 01. :slight_smile:

I don’t bother trying to tan - I burn (no matter what sunscreen I use) and then go right back to pale. No tan for me though hopefully also no skin cancer.

I’ve embraced my paleness and I’m glad to see you all doing the same.

I dont like Billy Connely, but he had a good line on this.

‘Actually my skin colour is pale blue. I have to spend two days on the beach before I turn white.’

My ex-wife belongs to the Proudly Pale Club, too. I used to joke that she needed to apply sunscreen before walking in front of the microwave. :slight_smile:

Please don’t fret, I think pale is sexy, the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen was 5’ nothing, 100 lbs., alabaster skin, (bright) red hair, green eyes and covered with freckles, I was in love/lust from the second Ilaid eyes on her so don’t be down, pale women are to be treasured (email photo’s to un…).


The most beautiful woman I ever saw was tall, and as white as paper, dancing in a royal blue ball gown and she had long auburn hair, shading to blazing red elegantly coiffed. She looked like a vision, ethereal, waltzing in the arms of and even taller but next to her tuxedoed man.

I’m white enough that the lightest shade of foundation looks like an attempt at an artificial tan. I have dark brown hair, nearly black at times.

I’m pale too. But I’ve always had a Morticia Addams aesthetic, so I quite like being able to glow in black light.


I’m pretty pale, but on girls, it’s one of the most attractive things I think.

I’m with you! I’ve always referred to myself as ‘the whitest white boy’.
It’s been, what, about 100 years since being pale was the preference of fashion, so I figure the pendulum is about ready to swing back in our direction and we’ll be everyone’s envy.
Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to allow me to stop my annual visits to the dermatologist for his burn and whittle sessions.

I’m pale. Once we went to Bermuda for a week. When I returned to work, someone said “Where have you been - were you out sick?”
It is what it is. I am glad I never ever have to spend any time thinking about that thing known to others as a ‘tan’. I have never had one in my life. I know women that spend hours on their tans. I read instead.