I'm pitting spring breakers

“If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I’m not going to let it stop me from partying” appears to be from Wednesday.

For years we’ve known that the risk-assessment part of the human brain didn’t fully develop until the early to mid twenties. This is some crazy-clear evidence for that.

So on the one hand, yeah, these are a bunch of bratty entitled kids.

On the other hand, it’s really foolish for the adults to leave it up to kids to judge the risks for themselves, and then get mad when they judge it incorrectly.

It’s also evidence that we need clearer executive orders around isolation. Restaurant and bar owners have those fully-developed brains and are still staying open. Mayors have those developed brains and aren’t closing parks and public spaces.

They’re the ones that really deserve pitting.

Responsible restaurants are open only for take-out or delivery.

Yes, excellent idea, nothing works best at promoting the idea in a target group that they should pay heed to what society and the news tells them to do than having the news deliberately portray them in an exaggerated negative way that doesn’t reflect reality as they themselves can ascertain and promotes and directs hate against them by the rest of society.

Extra doubly effective when it’s older people doing it against people barely past their teens.

Sounds like all my Wednesdays. Except the corona part.

A Doper would never be that foolhardy.

Um, nevermind.

There have been ample polite advisories telling people they shouldn’t gather in unnecessary crowds. Reasonable people, including young college students, listened and took heed.

The people we’re talking about here are the other ones. The ones who don’t listen to reason. These people need to have somebody shout at them and call them stupid.

Could someone take such risks even if they felt like it? I know someone who had a holiday in Venice booked for right now, but all that is very cancelled, and even if someone made it past the border police and lockdowns (or had anticipated them and travelled in advance) into town their vacation would consist of being stuck in a hotel room with severe penalties if they go out.

This is the tale of a right-wing fuckwit who decided not to cancel his Italian vacation.

The ugly American root of the problem:

Yeah, imagine what would have happened to him in a US airport if he followed his wife through a closed door into a secured area.

Woman who flew from U.S. to China for coronavirus test faces criminal charges

A woman who flew last week from Massachusetts to Los Angeles — then to Beijing, where she tested positive for the new coronavirus — is under investigation on allegations of concealing her symptoms and putting fellow travelers at risk of infection.
The woman took fever-reducing medication before boarding a plane and lied to flight attendants, according to Beijing’s disease control center and an Air China representative, who held a news conference on Monday.

The woman, who was hospitalized and is receiving treatment, is under investigation for the crime of “impeding prevention of infectious diseases.” According to Chinese law, she could face up to three years of imprisonment or detention with possible forced labor, or up to seven years of prison if there are “serious consequences.”

More at the link.

Up to seven years in prison in China. Good choice, lady!

I mucked up my post above. Here is the correct post.

More at the link.

Up to seven years in prison in China. Good choice, lady!

You can say that again Monty.

There’s a photo of them at the GoFundMe to pay their fine. Look like a fine pair of dopes.

The essence of how wisdom is handed down.


Adding in “belligerent” and “self-entitled” won’t help things either, Mr. Finn.

The beaches should have been CLOSED. Anyone showing up for spring break revelry should have been politely removed and sent home. Maybe with handcuffs.

This article has generated intense outrage, but the fact is, these kids are simply the interviewed few of the enormous mass of oblivious, deliberately-ignorant Americans of all ages who are going to damn us to hell.

I have a 59-year-old coworker who was planning on laying out on the beach this week. She flew out to Florida last Thursday thinking everyone was stupid for worrying about this “flu.”

I texted her earlier this week, curious how she was making out. She told me she was sad because Hollywood Beach (where her hotel was) was closed. So no sunbathing for her.

She’s my friend, but I’m glad that her vacation was ruined. Serves her right for being so silly. Maybe next time she’ll bother watching the news and listening to people instead of living in a bubble.

Why would she watch the fake news? This is totally under control and the US has been perfect in how it contained the virus so quickly.

I mean, that’s what I heard the POTUS say.

Young people are stupid and do stupid things. News at 11!