Stupid Kids on Spring Break!

We’ve all seen the pictures of the young crowd in Florida dancing on the beach, celebrating Spring Break. Reporters who talked with them were told to get lost. “It’s my life, and I get to decide what I want to do with it.”

The parent in me wants to cancel phones and credit cards, and to drag that collective bunch off the beach by the ear.

News says there is a college student in Kentucky who returned from Spring Break, and has tested positive.

I dont know, we shall see. And testing positive doesnt mean ICU and death.

Likely not for that kid. For someone who that kid had contact with, or someone who had contact with someone who had contact with that kid, it certainly can. That’s kinda the problem.

For some percentage of the population, it does. It’s really all a numbers game.

But for the most part the Spring Breakers are already gone and the beaches are closed, right?

What?! Young adults with still developing prefrontal cortexes and bad risk assessment make poor choices? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. Major failing on the part of the elected leaders to close beaches earlier.

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Seriously wonder how many towns had Sheriff Brody’s and were stopped and confounded by Mayor Vaughn’s.

IIRC Tramp recently suggested that all people exiting New York be quarantined. Can Spring Break returnees be identified and isolated per state orders?

Notice so far its just been democrats restricting peoples rights?

Gov. Abbott Orders Mandatory Quarantine for People Traveling From NY Area, New Orleans

When did Abbott switch parties?

C’mon people! It’s not like this is something serious where millions will die . . . like a pot luck dinner.

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Back to the OP, I think its ok to let the kids blow off some steam.

They can do that in isolation like the rest of us. It’s called adulting.

I’d be much more willing to blame the stupid kids if the municipal governments had shut things down and they were defying a stay at home order.

Spring Breakers are not known for their shrewd cost-benefit analysis, and expecting them to somehow figure this one out is not reasonable.

We should be angry at the city managers that didn’t shut them down and clear the beaches and bars.

Depends what you mean by blowing off steam. Even twenty-somethings shouldn’t be playing viral Russian Roulette.

I have friends in several places with SAH orders - whose kids are being wilfully clueless. Refusing to understand that “no public or private gatherings” means “don’t hang out with friends even if you ARE 6 feet away”, “We can rent a beach house and quarantine there just as well as at home, right?” etc.

For the sake of the many, many people who’d be adversely affected, I hope to heaven this isn’t your personal approach to this crisis (and yes, it’s a crisis) for yourself and your family. And it’s not, right? You’re not letting your kids get together with other kids to “blow off steam,” correct? Because while your kids and their friends may not show symptoms of COVID-19, they’d be passing it along to others who’d get sick.

We all have to make sacrifices these days for the good of our fellow Americans.

You can. You literally can. The virus doesn’t care if you surroundings are nice or ugly. I don’t understand what this is supposed to mean.