I'm pitting the Italian court that ruled that the MMR vaccine can cause autism.

I’ll also include the Italian Health Ministry in my pitting, assuming this article is correct, and I’ll include the author of this article for using the word “conceded” as if it were some kind of admission.

This is going to stir about the anti-vaccine crowd and cause who knows how much damage to children’s health.

“Stir up” not “stir about”. :smack:

That’s seriously messed up.

Looking at the article’s comments, the nutfest has already begun. :mad:

Gods people are fucking stupid. :frowning: Yeah, this is going to reignite the whole sorry mess, with more people refusing, out of ignorance and this kind of stupidity, to inoculate their children. Even if this were true, which there is zero evidence that it is, don’t people realize that there is going to be a tipping point where these diseases start to seriously come back? And don’t they realize what that will mean??


My God the comments!

“All these so-called experts think x but here is real expert who says y! Look it’s in a book and everything!”

I’m confused. What does “Judges in Rimini, north-east Italy awarded the Bocca family Euros 174,000 (£140,000) after the Italian Health Ministry conceded the MMR vaccine caused autism in their nine-year-old son Valentino” mean? That the Italian Ministry of Health is saying that the vaccine caused autism, or is “conceded” in that sentence a weird way of saying that they were the defendants in the case and lost?

This report has a little more detail about the case.

It is known that some vaccines can cause some brain disorders at an extremely low rate. (like 1 in a million in the case of encephalitis and the MMR vaccine). The odds of even more serious problems from measles, mumps and rubella are significantly higher. But since there are known, rare adverse reactions to vaccines in some there is usually some legal remedy for compensating those rare victims. I don’t think that means they concede any hard evidence it was even the cause in this case, but just that they have no other explanation and it’s possible.

Heck, courts find the innocent guilty, the guilty innocent, and all manner of nonsense.
That is because they are not composed of intelligent people-just those who squawk the loudest.