I'm pitting thread hijackers in THIS thread!!

OK I’m only going to say this once. If you have a fucking problem with people using U instead of YOU PLEASE put it in this thread. I’m SICK and TIRED of reading an interesting OP, reading the responses and then have the damn thing hijacked by anal retentive asshats that cannot or will not stop nagging the under intelligent personage about the “immature”, “lazy” usage of U instead of YOU.
We of the higher intelligence need to be patient with these undereducated persons and GENTLY educate them (preferably in PMs or ONE POST LIKE THIS) in the proper usage of the English language instead of bringing ourselves to their intellectual level and acting like Neanderthals about the issue. Hells Bells you all sound like fourth graders when you constantly bitch because of one thing. I swear you sound like my four year old “mommy he’s using THAT word again!!!”

Lynn Johnston can go to Hell!

You know what I haven’t seen in awhile? Big League Chew.

I believe it’s more proper to spell out “okay” instead of just using “OK.”

It’s in English but I can’t make head or tails of it.

Which raises an even more important question. Why are we expected to wear pants anway?

So sorry Jeff, I should have put a reference link in it for you hun. :rolleyes: Here you go…

Feel better now?

Didn’t we just do this thread a day ago?

LOL Necro. When you put it THAT way it “raises” other questions :wink:

That’s all well and good, but I still say George Bush stole the election.

I just have one simple question for the OP: how can you complain about thread hijackings when your bloodthirsty president is invading sovereign contries and killing thousands of its citizens by dropping bombs on them with one hand and with the other pounding them over the head with his bible?

I mean, obviously you find this perfectly normal, but in Belgium or Morocco or wherever I am, we think you are quite insane.*

*This is a parody response in the manner of the incomparable Aldebaran, don’t ya know.

Care for a cheese doodle?

What’s that over there, on top of the fridge?

Why, it’s a full bottle of Captain Morgan Premium Stock!

And what’s this in the fridge?

What do you know- it’s a full case of Diet Coke!

Hey, I just got a really neat idea!

You know what? I’m kinda glad to see this post here…

Though I understand WHY Lynn closed the thread about “U”, I think that the people who “alerted the mods/admins” have too much time on their hands. We were at post 170 (I believe) when Civil Defense was reported. 170 posts on the topic and one loose finger. Whatever.

I think a lot of people here perceive themselves as much more intelligent than they really are. And if they have the IQ, they certainly don’t have the EQ to match. I’ll only put this in this post to demonstrate a point: I’ve been a member of MENSA. It doesn’t make me BETTER than others. It doesn’t make their opinions less valid. I’ve certainly seen people on this board who have better communication skills, and SURE AS SHIT have seen people with more knowledge of math, science and computers. No matter what, I’ve never thought, “Oh, he says ‘u’ ~ dismiss.” That’s completely idiotic. I choose to respect my interpretation of a person’s means of communication. I judge what’s communicated, not the means.

People who hijack a thread, to point out a grammatical error are pitiful, in my opinion. It seems to me that they’re trying to keep up their peer points as if they were frequent flier miles. They purposely derail a topic to show that they know better. All I can think is that they don’t feel very secure with themselves and feel they MUST point out mistakes to maintain credibility among the posters they deem intelligent and worthy. It’s the most flagrant, kiss-ass, pathetic show of insecurity I’ve seen yet.

Get fucking over it. Sometimes, I wonder if people think that their presence on the boards means that they’re of superior intelligence. And if so, I’d like to remind them, all it took was an email addy and a nickname.

No, because that didn’t address the problem of the disjointed rambling in your OP. I was going to ask if you felt like trying again but it looks like CheekyMonkey covered it.

I saw six different kinds of Big League Chew in a store just the other day.

That’s pretty low, given most of them are free anyway. At least as a spokesperson, Bob Dole didn’t need to steal, he was outright given an…oh, you said election. [sub]nevermind[/sub].

This thread is still open?


I’m only going to say this once: No. If we start giving in to the illiterates, then the Yankees have already won.

Also, the passage I quoted above is missing two commas. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Just FTR though, I share some of CM613’s distaste for the people who felt it necessary to “tattle” on Civil Defense and then preen about saying, “Ha ha, you’re gonna get banned!”, though not her(?) tolerance for netspeak.)