I'm POed, and there's not a durned thing I can do about it

Far too lame for the Pit…

I’ve really gotten into the bicycle commuting bit, and my stalled diet has been given a jumpstart.

I rode Monday, and had a pleasant time on both legs of the trip.

I didn’t ride yesterday, because of a 40% predicted chance of rain and my sincere desire to not become a human lightning rod when crossing the air force base. I’ve been weenying out a lot based on the forecasts, and regretted it every time because it never rained during business hours.

So, this morning, I get out of bed with a burning desire to taunt the rain gods and their predicted 50% chance. I get ready for work, don my riding shorts and t-shirt, pack up my office clothes and sundry items, and I go out to the patio for my bike…

*And the f%@ing back tire is flat.

That is all.

If you’re good, you can repair in under five minutes. Out you go, now. Practice makes perfect.

I hate that.

Yes, I can repair a flat in about 10 minutes myself, but I first have to obtain a patch kit and tire spoons. The ones I own are lost in the Great Abyss Storage Unit, which happens to be about a mile from my office, and therefore at the far end of my commute.

I must instead pay tribute to the Ungodly Expensive Bicycle Shop Bandits after work.
[serious mode]

Anyone know how much the Kevlar bike tires cost? They might be worth the cost…
[/serious mode]


Huh? :dubious:

Hmmm. . . I guess not. I’m assuming that you work on an Air Force Base, and based on your previous posting in a Detroit Pistons-related thread, I was asking if you work at Selfridge Air National Guard Base outside Detroit. Sorry for the opacity of the question.

Kevlar tires are nice and don’t necessarily cost that much more than a non-kevlar tire of the same quality.

I use these which are pretty much state of the art, but $30 each. This isn’t much for a decent bike tire. The other way to prevent flats is check your tire pressure - soft tires = lots of punctures.

Sorry, it’s Langley AFB in Hampton VA that I cross.