Im posting from my palm pilot

greetings all, I’m posting from my palm. This wi-fi thing is pretty cool. Are there any other wireless dopers out there?

I consider your willie-nillie attitude towards the hurtling of dangerous electrons throught the air as reckless disregard for the well-being of your fellow coffee shop customers.



They need tinfoil hats to protect themselves. I’m at a friends house though, so I’m probably not killing anyone important. (insert smiley)

I understand your feeling of excitement. I once posted from a Zip disk (well, I was on an old Mac that was booted from a 100 MB Zip disk). That was kind of cool—in a pathetic kind of way.

But I’d say that a Palm Pilot is way cooler than a 100 MB Zip Disk!

I do wireless on my Sony Clie TJ37. But I’v enot tried doing the SDMB on it.

Check this application out.

What model Palm do you have?

Showoff. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could post from my PDA, too, if I’d bother to get the internet going on my cell phone and then fire up the Bluetooth in my Palm. At least, I think that’s what I’d have to do . . . obviously I’m not terribly motivated to find out, though sometimes I do feel bad that I underutilize my PDA. :slight_smile:

I’m getting an Ipaq today or Monday. I’m sooooo excited. It’s even got a camera! It’s got wifi so I should be able to figure out how to connect to the net. (I read a review that said it wasn’t a PDA for beginners, but I think I should be okay.)

I’ve been wanting one for so long, I can’t wait! No more bits of paper with important info on them getting lost in my handbag!

I’ve posted from an ipaq wirelessly before now.

Lucky, I have a Zire 31 and I so wish I could go wireless!
What’s the main use for you guys? I mainly use mine for reading books and trying to keep my brain straight!
When I had a Palm pro…I wished for a palm VII(died of airsoft round)
When I had a Palm V…I dreamed of a Tungsten(died of battery crapping itself(charge memory))
Now I have a Zire 31…and I want a Zire 72…What are you guys using? And is there any hope for my 31 going wireless?

I have posted from my Sony Ericsson P800 phone before.

This message is posted from my laptop, through a non-secured wi-fi connection I can connect to when I visit my sister. No idea who it belongs to, but there is plenty of bandwith :slight_smile:


Very cool! I’ve been meaning to start a thread asking who’s posting from a portable, and how well it works. I’ve wanted some kind of portable device to access the net for a long time, like a Sidekick.

SIDEKICK ::drool:: I just saw the commercial the other day…
Anyone wanna post specs?
::yawn…time for bed for me!!!::

Meeeee! I’m too cheap to pay for an ISP, so my (work-issued) iPaq is my only internet access when I’m not at work. From my living room, I can access the wireless networks of two different neighbors as well as the coffee shop that backs up to my yard, and when I’m not around an accessible network, I can use the modem (it doesn’t count against my monthly minutes.)

Posting from a Palm Pilot would indeed be pretty cool. But How’s about posting using a C64 and using the Contiki web briowser?
Contiki web browser

Now that wold be intersting. No I don’t use a c64 or the contiki but I find the idea pretty cool in a “how the heck did they do that?” type of way.

I’ve posted while connected through my cellular modem. WiFi is fun, but aimlessly browsing in the parking lot of a Home Depot is nothing short of technological masturbation.

I’ve got an old Palm IIIx, which is useless for browsing. I’ve been holding off on getting a new PDA until I can get one with a good enough screen to make it useful for surfing the net, and I don’t think 320 x 240 is good enough.

Some of the new PDAs are now 640 x 320, which is (barely) good enough. I’d like at least 640 x 480. And WiFi. And a good browser. And decent battery life. And it has to be under $500. I don’t think that exists yet.

I’m ebaying my ipaq (wifi n bluetooth) as we speak. Seems I don’t use it since I bought my 12" iBook. I used it to read a LOT of straight dope with it in the Can using Avant Go.

Was that too much TMI?

Now I can Bluetooth to my Morotola V600 and surf the web while riding the bus in to (and out of) work. 4 Mb at $12 a month. (It’s like bein’ on Compuserve again, I tells ya!)

‘Coolest’ situation: using my previous non-wireless Ipaq to get to the internet using Infra-Red to my dear departed Nokia in the baggage pickup area at Denver International Airport to get the News…on the morning of September 11th 2001. :frowning:

I’m posting this from my Sony Clie TJ-37. It isn’t the easiest way to post, Grafitti 2 makes for slow going. I have posted using my Clie before, the typos are numerous. I finally figured out how to bring the keyboard screen up; that helps a bit. The main problem with surfing via wireless with the Clie is that it chews up battery power very quickly. This is fun, but it grows old fast. When my school finally goes wireless I expect to use this more often.

I can post from my Treo; it isn’t WiFi though - it uses a dialup connection across the cellular network. The browser (Blazer) isn’t too bad and the email app is quite useful too. Before the Treo, I had a Sony Clié - I could access email/web on that too, using an infra red link to my cell phone, but it was a bit awkward and didn’t always connect very well.