I'm rewritting Chicago to tell the OJ story. Need help with song titles.

So I put the 10th anniversary Chicago CD on, and start reading John Kander’s linear notes. He writes that while the original 1975 production only did s0-so, the 1997 revival became a massive hit. Why? One reason he spectulates is that it’s a sotry of celebrity spousal murder, like OJ.

At that point, the line “all that chat” plays, and my creative genie responds “cause I’m OJ.” BINGO! I’m rewritting Chicago to tell the OJ story. So help me with the song titles. Here’s what I got:
•A Little Bit of Good Lyrics
•All I Care About Lyrics
•All That Jazz Lyrics–Cause I’m OJ
•Cell Block Tango Lyrics–I Didn’t Do It.
•Class Lyrics
•Funny Honey Lyrics
•I can’t do it alone Lyrics
•I Know A Girl Lyrics
•Me And My Baby Lyrics
•Mister Cellophane Lyrics
•Nowadays Lyrics
•Razzle Dazzle Lyrics
•Roxie Lyrics–Mark Fuhrman
•We Both Reached For The Gun Lyrics
•When You’re Good To Mama Lyrics–When You Piss Off OJ

I’m finding it hard to see this as entertaining, even though I’m trying. Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were real people, not movie losers. She was an abused, stalked, battered ex-spouse trying to move on with her life and was brutally murdered. How can you change the lyrics of “We Both Reached For the Gun” and not visualize Nicole or Ron desperate for their lives, trying to fight off OJ? Maybe I’d better ponder it some more.

When You’re Good to Ito

Just to clarify: It will be about the trial and events leading up to it. I would never under under circumstances do anything to negate the horror of the victims. Even if OJ had not done it, what he said about Nicole and Ron Goldman after their murders is reprehensible and indefrndiblr.

Also, I seriously doubt anyone would want to actually present the musical. I admit it’s not in the vest of tast. I’m doing it for my own warped amusement.

I don’t really need to see Laurence Fishburn in a flapper dress…

Thought this was about Chicago, the Band. I was going to pen titles like “Does Anyone Really Know What Size the Glove Is” and “Guilty is Just a Word”, but oh weel.

Thanks. I didn’t mean to be critical, just that I couldn’t understand how it would play out. And I agree that what OJ said about the victims was indefrndiblr. :slight_smile:

Oh yes oh yes oh yes he drove
Oh yes he drove oh yes he drove real slow
The white bronco the white bronco
Oh yes he drove the white bronco
Really slow

Fucking busted hand. maybe I should wear a glove on it…if it fits:D

Now THAT is EXACTLY what I am looking for. Thanks ArchieveGuy

When John Kander puts the musical on Broadway, you get free tickets for life.