I'm saving a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching *from* GEICO!

Geico really does have low rates, but after a couple of accidents they’ll either triple your rate or drop you like a hot potato.

Hell, even with a clean record Geiko was much more expensive for me than AAA.

Sports car?

Me too. $50 more actually.

My son just checked into rates for his first car. Geico came in at more than twice as expensive as USAA. Guess which one he’s going with?

I talked to the Gecko too and they were much more expensive than my current company (Allstate) so I’m just keeping what I have.

I saved a ton of money leaving GEICO and going to AIS. And my record is spotless, save some parking tickets.

I’ve got Progressive. Geico wanted like three times what Progressive wanted. Even AAA was cheaper, but Progressive has us at a rate of like 60 bucks a month for three people and two cars, so we went with them. They’re also pretty good for customer service - or at least they have been with me.

I liked the old Gecko’s voice. Anyone else annoyed by the weird faux-Australian thing he’s got going on now?


I was with Progressive. I got a big discount switching to Geico, but after a year my rates shot up (no claims) and then they wouldn’t take credit card payments on their website. I looked at Progressive again and my rate with them was then $70 cheaper than Geico. So I switched back.

USAA offered much better rates than my old GEICO policy, so I switched about 10 years ago. I enjoy getting the dividend checks come year’s end too. Sorry, gecko.

I seem to be the oddball in this thread. For me, Geico was up to $200 cheaper than the other major insurance companies for a six-month policy. And I have a spotless driving record, too. Response Insurance is slightly cheaper, but I’m not sure if it’s worth switching to save $7.63 a month.

I miss the days when I paid $344 for a 12-month policy.

I like it - though you’re the 2nd person I’ve read here saying he sounded Australian. He’s actually got a Cockney London accent.

Same here, my husband and I saved by switching from State Farm to Geico. However, we don’t have more than a ticket or so on our driving records, we own a boring sedan, and we’ve only put about 55,000 miles on our car in the last 5.5 years.

Yep, definitely not Australian.