I'm Scared of Paypal

I registered in E-bay just to buy a Miyazaki DVD boxed-set so I’m not sure how they work.
First I gave E-bay my credit card number to register. Then I had to register in Paypal and they said I paid for the thing.

Now I’m terrified. I’m not used to doing business in the net so I don’t know how things work and after giving my CC number I couldn’t make sense of any of the stuff going on.

Is Paypal safe? Do they charge you? If so monthly or a percentage? What percentage?

Am I going to wake up tomorrow pennyless?

I’ve used Paypal, and consider them safe. They don’t charge you for making a payment through them, and they use strong encryption to prevent your data from being stolen.

It doesn’t sound like you incurred any fees. PayPal will charge your credit card for the amount of your purchase, including whatever the shipping charge was, and put that money in the seller’s account (he may have to pay a fee himself, depending on the amount and what type of account he has). EBay doesn’t charge any fees when you are the buyer, only when you are the seller.

I’ve used it off and on for 2-3 years and never had a problem. I only used it to pay, however.

The worst that could happen is that you’re out the money you put up for the DVD player. The person that would be defrauding you, in that case, would be the eBay seller whose auction you won. If the seller has a good feedback rating, then this is extremely unlikely to happen. In any event, the seller does not receive your credit card number, so he/she cannot overcharge you.

If Paypal is hacked and your credit card information is stolen and used, then as long as you report the charges to your credit card company, you are out at most $50, and most likely nothing at all.

In short, you can relax.

Paypal is overwhelmingly safe, especially for the buyer. There is no charge to the buyer, and it is illegal for a seller to charge you a fee to use PayPal. It is at least as safe if not more, than giving your credit card to a minimum wage waitperson that you don’t know at a restaurant.

That being said, you should know your seller. If they decide to keep your money and not ship your merchandise, you can hardly blame PayPal. PayPal will try to get your money back for you, as a courtesy.

Thanks a lot all you guys. I can go to bed and sleep now.

I’m not all that worried about the seller, it’s not too much money.

Good Night

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Paypal is safer than using a credit card in a lot of other ways. You can pay money by credit card to practically anyone without that person ever seeing your credit card number. Only Paypal gets to see your number. Which is great when you have to pay money to some small business that nobody’s ever heard of.


These links may inform you although the domain names do show they are biased. I wouldn’t use Paypal because they are not a bank and they like to freeze accounts.

Paypal is reasonably safe, but they are set up as a completely automated system and if something does happen to go wrong it is just about impossible to get it fixed. I use it all the time for reasonably small transactions (under $100) but I wouldn’t trust it for anything big.

My only negative experience was that I purchased something on e-bay from someone who said they accepted paypal, but then found out from them that they only accepted regular paypal payments and not credit card paypal payments (apparently paypal charges more for these). I was unable to cancel the transaction, unable to find a reason why I couldn’t cancel the transaction from the help on paypal’s web site, and never got anything more than an automated response from paypal when I e-mailed them (which didn’t answer the question either). I asked the seller if he could decline the payment, which he did, and it all worked out in the end. The experience gave me a very good understanding of how paypal is set up so that you can’t get in touch with a live human to fix something if there is a problem.

Now I don’t use paypal unless the seller displays the paypal logo on the item description, and I haven’t had a problem since.

The toll-free number for Paypal customer service is clearly displayed on their website. After you log in, just click on Help/Contact Us :

Paypal is very good Ive been reigstered since March 2000 and completed hundreds of transactions. Largest one was a little over $3800. They even have a kick ass paypal Mastercard Debit card that you can get 1% back on everything that you purchase with it.

I have been using Paypal since they started without any problems. I think that a lot of the people who have problems with Paypal are actually having problems with the sellers they send money to - and this isn’t a Paypal problem, they would of had the same problems if they had sent a money order or a personal check - in other words, it is a buyer/seller problem, not a Paypal problem. Paypal isn’t like a regular bank, and if you know that going in, you should be OK. Just make sure the person(s) you buy stuff from have a good feedback rating.

Paypal only charges the sellers, not the buyers. Also, if you are worried about the account freezes (which can happen if you are involved in a dispute) set up a separate bank account and only use it for Paypal transactions. That way your main account can’t be touched.

I have had some issues with Paypal and now will not use them. The last straw is when they held over $800 of mine for 2 months over a 2 dollar dispute. I use another service that is much smaller and a whole lot easier to work with.

PayPal is great as long as you don’t use it like a bank, because it isn’t one. Constantly remind yourself that the money in your PayPal account is not yours until you withdraw it to a real bank account, because they’re known for freezing accounts on a whim, as well as being extraordinarily friendly to government inquiries.

I’ve used PayPal, and while I’ll say that it is safe, it’s not convienant, in my experience, which might boil down to the same thing to some people. Having your money pissed around with is pretty comparable to having it stolen.

I had lots of problems trying to get back into an account I’d had set up since the summer before…and never did get all the problems straightened out. Their customer service was virtually non-existant, and in the end I just stopped using it. PayPal is not my pal.

Well, PayPal got a refund for me when a Seller did not mail an item I bought on ebay. I use their service through a credit card. They try to get my checking account info., but I won’t go that route. I still won’t do online banking, either.