I'm seeing Rush tonight!

Haven’t seen them in 14 years since the Test For Echo tour. I’m so excited, feel like I’m 15 again. This work day cannot end soon enough.

I saw them last week. They still put on an awesome show. I think I’ve missed one tour since Power Windows. It was great to see The Camera Eye live, which I’ve never seen them do in concert before.

This one has some really great videos and other wrinkles - don’t leave early.

And? What did you think?

It’s Rush, so I had a great time. As usual they sounded great, the videos were awesome, and I loved the light show. Honestly, the only thing I would have changed would have been some of the songs played. But they played all of Moving Pictures, so that limits what else they can fit into the show. All in all a great time was had.

All you need now is a Rash t-shirt! :wink:

Why on earth do you want to see that fat, hate filled, pompous ass?

Oh wait, you mean the band? Nevermind. Have fun.

Heh. A week or two ago, my brother-in-law posted a Facebook update about going to DC to see Rush. My mom replied how much Grandmother enjoyed the [fat, hate-filled, drug-addicted, pompous ass. BIL and I have since enjoyed the image of Grandmother rocking out to Tom Sawyer and Subdivisions. It was a surprisingly funny exercise in imagination!

What’s so funny about that? My mom is 72 and she came to the show with me and my brothers. It was her second Rush concert (she saw them on the Presto tour as well). She’s very into 70’s rock – she’s been to see ELP, Yes, Jethro Tull and others of that vintage. Your grandmother ought to expand her horizons.

The median age at Rush concerts these days has to be north of 35 anyways. I did tell my mom as we were heading in that if anyone looked at her funny, she should say “Where is Rush Limbaugh, anyway?”

I loved the polka intro to La Villa Strangiato and the reggae intro to Working Man. At the Pittsburgh show, Alex’s solo on Working Man was incredible, and I always love the chance to hear them do Freewill live – the bridge on that song is in my opinion the essence of each of their individual virtuosity all wrapped up together with a nougat filling. I like the tunes they played during the first half, but yeah, the second half of the show was awesome. I really wish that when they play their recent stuff, they would play Peaceable Kingdom. I think it’s one of their all time best songs, and that it rocks hard like their older stuff.

At the show here in Atlanta, I saw lots of parents with their kids. When I say kids, I mean 15 or younger. I swear I saw a little girl who was no more than 10. But, the kids were rockin’ with the rest of us old farts.

Yeah, I saw them in Pitt a few weeks ago, too. I think it was my 52nd time going back to '82. Great set and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

They have an album and a longer tour scheduled for next year.

And here’s the full 25 minute interview John Roberts did with the three of the in Atlanta earlier this week.