I'm smokin!

Well my food is being smoked to be exact. But by the smell of my clothes and hair I am not far behind.

I have constructed a very rough rig consisting of a BBQ like one of these: http://www.barbecuesworld.co.uk/p/Explorer_Stainless_Steel_Charcoal_Barrel_Barbecue.htm to provide the smoke.
An old birdcage covered in a few layers of old blankets (I had lots of them floating around is why), some pipe and hose for cold smoking and glass containers coz I like to see how things are going.
I am using left over apple branches chopped up small and soaked (I plan to experiment with other things later). I have cut holes on the blankets on top of the smoker and placed the glass containers over the holes with food inside (garlic, pumpkin, chillies, squash and corn). The pipe is inserted into a hole and hose is taped onto the pipe, the pipe is then inserted into a tin where I am cold smoking some cheese (processed chedder, babybel, vintage chedder and jahlsberg).

It is all very rough and messy I’m sure most folks could do a better job but it seems to be working so I am right proud! (imagine - lovely smoked cheeses at only a fraction of the cost!).

I am a vegetarian (mostly) so ideas of suitable stuff to smoke would be welcomed. I am going to have a go at smoking some chicken for my dad so advice on that would be appreciated too.


Just ate the corn - very nice