In praise of my new smoker grill.

Oh Smoker grill, how I adore thee.
Thou transformest the most affordable of meats into delicacies.
Thy Black powdercoat finish shall not tarnish.
Thy wheels alleviate my burden, thy trailer hitch makest travel a snap.
Thou maintainest the correct temperature without supervision, My life is made simple.
Thou wert inexpensive, and did not lighten my purse like a highwayman.
Thou took less than an hour of mine time to construct.
Oh smoker grill How I adore thee.

I have Spicy pulled brisket for lunch!
And slices for sandwiches.
And leftovers for further exploration.
Thou engender goodwill with the neighbors.:smiley:

I need recipe suggestions!

Pics are required so that proper homage and respect can be bestowed upon it.

As for recipes, The Smoke Ring Forum should provide all you desire

The awesomeness may be viewed HERE, click to enlarge the awesome.

Nice :cool:

Your mention of wheels and trailer hitch had me thinking something mounted on a pull behind trailer.

I broke down and bought myself one of these for my birthday last year.

So far I’ve done many racks of ribs, brisket, chicken, and a rib roast for xmas.

I’ve got a pair of picnic shoulders waiting to go right now. I smoked them lightly fora few hours the other night on the remains of the brisket coals, but neglected to finish the job. Probably ought to toss them back on today.

I have nothing to add, except for the fact that I REALLY envy you being able to grill stuff at this time of year :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey nothing stopping you from grilling if you’ve got a smoker type like that. They don’t have to be babysat constantly if you are smoking and they warm up the air around them when you need to go and check up. I love cooking outdoors in the winter, the heat from the grill, the smoke, the cold, foggy air in the mornings…

And now I have to go look for smokers and hassle family to get a place to set it up :slight_smile: (as it won’t fit in my apartment)

Ahh, Chargriller. I had that exact model with the option side firebox at my last house. I made perfect smoked pork butt for pulled pork barbecue on multiple occasions. Alas, it did not make it with me to my current abode, so instead I got one of these for the convenience of gas when I’m in a hurry and the taste of charcoal when I’m doin’ things right. Also the side burner is perfectly sized to light a charcoal chimney.

I haven’t yet gotten the side firebox for this baby, but it is compatible and only a matter of time!

I know how much you Icelanders love gadgets and gizmos…There are indoor electric smokers that do a great job I’m told. You can even make jerky in them. Go stimulate your economy! :smiley:

Ah, smoke. Your ode makes my mouth water and your pictures make me want to stimulate the economy myself.

My current smoker is nowhere near as nice as yours but still does a great job. It takes so little, just patience, to make the best meat in the world. Now, what will I do with 20 pounds of the best pulled pork butt I’ve ever tasted? That’s 19.5 pounds more than I can eat in one sitting. And maybe I shouldn’t have thrown in that rack of ribs for the last couple of hours 'cause that’s going to go to waste if I can’t find some takers (just kidding, that was during Thanksgiving.)

BTW I like this link.

Even though I have the cheapest smoker money can buy the stuff here worked great for me.