I'm so alone...

For the night, anyway. Out of the eighteen single rooms in my dorm building, only one - mine - is occupied this week.

It’s the one-week break between the summer and fall semesters. Students who were living on-campus had to be out of the dorms today. However, those lucky few of us who were working full-time in various college offices are allowed to stay, because theoretically, we could work this coming week. I’m taking the week off and going home to visit the folks, and I’m leaving at the buttcrack of dawn tomorrow.

So, since had to move my stuff out of my summer room - since I’m getting back on the same day as everyone else - and no one was living in my room for the fall semester, I managed to talk the housing guy into letting me move in to my new room tonight. The nice part: I can spend this evening getting things set up as much as possible, allowing me to lounge around as my friends haul boxes of books from storage and struggle with bedding next week. Plus, I don’t need to get up even earlier tomorrow to put my bedding in storage.

The downside: it’s a little bit creepy being the only person in the building.

Very mundane, very pointless, had to share it.

I was going to say, take this opportunity and treat yourself to an awesome night tonight–movies, dinner at a restaurant, nightclub, whatever you want–and then crash at whatever o’clock.

How about I link you up to some nice, calm, soothing websites instead? :smiley:

Of course you must run around naked…

Are you really the only person in the building? There’s not even a person at the desk?

You should go see if there’s a hot guy working at the desk tonight :slight_smile:

I used to work weekends in the mainframe computer room/offices at a factory. Nobody was there on weekends. I loved wandering the deserted halls. I think I’d make a good “last guy on Earth.”

I rent an office to work in, but I’m nocturnal so I’m usually there between midnight and 6am. It’s sort of odd being the only person there, but when my body wants to be awake is when my body wants to be awake.

We have no desks in our dorms (seriously, very small school, as in ‘by a week or two into the semester you can recognize every student by sight’). Nor for that matter do we really have hot guys. sigh

I’m actually not freaked out at all - there are a few people in the other buildings around the courtyard, and various other places on campus. And actually, I like the quiet - it’s a nice change when you live in a dorm. Plus I can watch mildly-embarrassing children’s movies with the sound as loud as I want, without any shame. (No, I don’t own Newsies on DVD. Never even seen it and I certainly don’t know half the songs by heart. Don’t be ridiculous.)

Exactly, you can enjoy the peace and quiet before everyone comes back and you can watch the embarrassing films. You can probably eat really “bad” food as well and no one will be there to see and to comment.

Have fun. :slight_smile:

There’s an older style dorm, Putnam, at Kansas State University that I lived in for a while. It wasn’t occupied by university students at the time, so they rented out rooms to eight students(including myself) who were attending a baking school in town. Along with the one other female student we lived by ourselves on the second floor, the guys were downstairs. Wide halls, high ceilings, a bathroom with ten sinks. At least it was quiet for the nineteen weeks I lived there. The eight of us had a good time, and the resident manager was flexible about rules like drinking in the dorm, so long as we were discreet.

I’ve lived alone on three acres for several years. I see other human beings about once every 8-10 days, when I run errands and get my groceries. One of my sisters decided it was *too *quiet here when I was talking with her on the phone and had to go see what the noise in the front yard was. It was a box turtle walking by. All you rowdy, punk-ass turtles…get off my lawn!!

I love big old empty buildings. But I guess part of it is because they are a little creepy.