I'm sorry Dex, but we were having fun.

C’mon, we all know that Dex can charm the critics and their raison d’être, but if he slips on a banana peel, the world’s at his feet…

Close, Ino, but when I charm the critics, I have nothing to eat.

I can’t make up my mind if this is the right view or if roger thornhill has it correct. But when I read his postings, I get a bj0rn deja vu.

Aw, geeze.

Look, if you’ll just read the thread linked in the OP you’ll see that we were just doing something called “having a bit of fun,” and nonpolar didn’t seem terribly put out by it. Why should you?

Frankly, I’m glad he posts here, because if he’s looking to improve his English this place will be an excellent resource for him. But the “I want to be a moderator” thing was just too juicy to pass up, considering that most of his posts involve his penis in some way.

Relax a little.

You know, I even googled to doublecheck, and then adamantly insisted that the lyrics available were flat-out wrong. Yea, I will go unto my grave maintaining that Cosmo Brown was a polyglot who slipped French into his daily speech to differentiate himself from Don Lockwood, yet still harbored a deep resentment of Don for his accomplishments.

Look at the ‘Moses Supposes’ dance — after they jump off the desk, Cosmo looks over at Don, who returns a vindictive, bitter glance, conveying a message of “Upstage me and I will bury you.” It was enough to quell any rebellious feeling for the moment, but the unfilmed sequel (Singin’ In The Rain 2: Requiem For A Don) featured Sam Spade investigating Cosmo for the disappearance of Don . . .

I vote Polish.

Ukrainian. Definately Ukrainian.

Either that, or he’s from Cleveland. :smiley:

Ino , you rock!!! I definitely needed that laugh.

So, say, sombody who wrote about how many calories there are in the average male ejaculate would never be considered for a higher possition with the Straight Dope, huh? :dubious: :smiley:

Drat! nonpolar sent me an email a couple weeks ago, and I saw his real name… but then, silly me, I think it recycled the email. Now I can’t remember his name…

Definately Eastern European. I’m thinking Polish, but not sure.

Definitely not the Spell-Czech Republic.

roger thornhill, I’ve noted all of your jokes turn out to be about Bill Clinton. Have you seen a therapist about this? It’s a little obsessive. Are you Gennifer Flowers?

That’d be a hell of a thread. “Ask the Guy Who Opened Up His Own Cranium and Directly Abraided His Brain with Rotary Tools.” Actually, strike that. We already have lekatt.

For the record, my guess is Croatia.

Why not? He knows all about their beer, down to specific localities where specific brands are made. Who the heck would care about Czech beer unless they lived there?

Congratulations to ELMWOOD,RAVENMAN you got it. SILENUS ,LIBERAL,GEST,URBAN CHIC you were not that far off.CALM KIWI,DERLETH and SHIBBOLETH Jeezus!
And now, I’ m open to all the Polish jokes :frowning:

Czech beers are the only beers you might hear a German concede are the world’s best. Many others, including myself, would agree. Things Czech might seem obscure to you but such detailed knowledge about their brewing is extremely common.

Not from me, my friend. I’ve been to Warsaw and know the history of the country and the brilliance of her people. I’m also married to my second Polish-American who would de-nut me if I made a joke.

nonpolar will never be the least likely Moderator Candidate whilst I post here. :slight_smile:

Nonpolar, may I be the first here to hoist a brew in your honor.
Na zdrowie!

To me, he’s like Wildest Bill’s hornier, younger brother.

(Please note, I’m NOT accusing him of being WB. Just that he reminds me of him)

So he says he’s Polish but his name is nonpolar? Is you is or is you ain’t gettin’ played?