I'm sorry Dex, but we were having fun.

In this thread.

I understand why you closed it, but to be perfectly honest, ridiculous doesn’t begin to describe that OP.

I’ll be fair and open the voting in the approriate forum:

I propose that we designate “when nonpolar becomes a moderator” as an official SDMB substitute for such figures of speech as “when monkeys fly out of my butt” and such.

Do I have a second? If so, begin voting.

Exgineer? Having once been on the receiving end of one of your “holier than thou rants” - my advice would be to look at your own posting style before anyone else’s. People in glass houses and all that…

Ya know, guys…

I’m still not convinced than nonpolar is for real. Most of his posts seem just too perfectly crafted as ridiculous. While I would not want to break one of the many unwritten posting rules, I do strongly suspect that we’re being played for all we’re worth.

On the other hand, I really do like the “when nonpolar becomes a moderator” thing. :slight_smile:

I second the unspoken allegation of the allegator Satyagrahi.

Satyagrahi is an alligator? Is that the one where the teeth stick out or the one where they don’t?

If **nonpolar ** is a troll, which is my personal belief, then why do we need a another thread giving him more attention?

A troll? Most unlikely. He has already told us he’s unemployed and a new immigrant (to the USA?). His English tends to support this. He has started threads about sex, but these in turn do not function to reflect particularly well on him. When he joins other threads, he does his best to muck in, even if he doesn’t get all the jokes and references. He doesn’t hijack threads or get angry easily - if at all.

He adds a certain colour to the board and a different perspective: he hints at an eastern European background. He seems to have taken on board the comments that have been made and could become an invaluable member of the board. (I was going to add “and, in time, a valuable one”, but won’t.)

The chance to be a moderator should be denied to no one who has made that their dream. We all deserve a second bite at the cherry.

Think Bill Clinton.

Hi , I’m back what did I miss?
I see they closed my previous thread ,how come?
Anyway,ROGER THORNHILL you are not that far off with your guess as to my country of origin,try to guess I will give you some pointers.


He’s Lifthatvanian

Or Elbonian.

I’ll have a go. Belarussian or Ukrainian but definitely Slavic (unless it’s Estonian).

He skips the definite and indefinite articles a hell of a lot and although Romanian is unique among Romance languages in its use of definite articles, it does have them.

If I’m wrong, which direction do we head for nonpolar?

I’m guessing Czeck Republic.

Or maybe Czech Republic.

So not Eastern European? How about one of the Central Asian 'Stans? Perhaps some Russian language interference colours his use of English?

I’m going to take two guesses:

Turkmenistan, because it’s a whacky little place.
Bosnia and Herzegovina, because we have a lot of Bosnians around here.
(Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are good guesses, too, but I’ll leave them to someone else)

I don’t know why but I assumed he was Russian.

I don’t think he’s a troll at all, by the way. He gives off an aw-he’s-kind-of-cute-but-hell-no-we-can’t-take-him-home-so-quit-asking vibe.

I still think Romanian because he keeps talking about the Romanian gymnast. Of course that could be (and probably is) just a case of the hots.

I’m glad this got re-opened in the appropriate forum, e’en though it now bears my name instead of nonpolar’s. In fact, the reason that I waited so long before taking any action was that it was fun, and please note that I didn’t scold anyone for being humourous.

I was just trying to maintain the dignity of the ATMB forum. My motto, like that of the famous silent movie actor Don Lockwood: “Dignity, always dignity.”

I did particularly like the ‘pot isn’t strong enough’ thing, but I do get the general impression that nothing short of opening up his own cranium and directly abrading his brain with rotary tools would really be ‘strong enough’.

Do you always say that just before you step on the banana peel, or while in midair?

ducking & running