I pit non polar

for this

This is beyond fucking stupid.

(I know I’ve been on the fringes too, but this takes the cake)

Hey non polar maybe you can explain how peaceful he was to all those Jews he murdered, oh wait, he wasn’t the person who orchestrated so much hate against them. Or how that fat pig Churchill was one of the few people who knew the real threat, and never gave up and lived to see Hitler eventually dead and his whole organisation and state completely defeated.


This was bound to happen. I’m just surprised it’s over history and not his penis.

I want to pit him because he puts a space BEFORE the comma or the period ,and none after .Consistently enough that it’s obviously a choice ,not an accident .

checks calendar - August 29th

Yay! I win the office pool!

posted by nonpolar

Sheesh, guilt much? Maybe we should just hang our murderous heads in shame and hand over the country back to the oppressed of the world.

I’m all for recongnizing the wrongs of the past, but this is just a bit on the nutty side.
As for the quote that started the pitting, does nonpolar think that things would’ve been better if the UK and USA had stayed out of the war?

Hey, didn’t nonpolar claim he was Polish? At least, in this thread, other Dopers guessed at his country of origin, and he asserted that the ones who guessed Poland were correct.

Yeh, right. I don’t believe for ONE FUCKING MOMENT that any real Pole would say anything positive – to the slightest degree – about Hitler.

BZZZZZZZZZT! Go back under your bridge, nonpolar. You’re exactly what I thought you were, from the very first post of yours I read.

A street sleeper? How does s/he* get internet connection?

  • If s/he’s lying about his/her nationality/ethnicity, s/he could be lying about his/her penis.

By drilling through the concrete in a way that’s too stupid for words.

I think I have this figured out. In order to be that intentionally stupid and obtuse, nonpolar has to be none other than an alter ego of…

Ali G!

Your train just derailed. You see, Da Ali G show is sometimes entertaining. :smiley:

I don’t mean to get too serious in the Pit, but this is the first I heard of him being Polish. Could the following maybe explain some of this?

  1. Depending on his age, he grew up under Communist rule with no idea of what Hitler was like, therefore anything was better than the Communists?

  2. If it was in fact Communist as he grew up, he would have been massively indoctrinated about how evil the US is. (Hell it happens right here to an extent.)

  3. He’s an idiot living in his mom’s basement with nothing better to do.

With his penis?

That´d explain the symptoms…

He has posted info regarding Poland before and the Czech Rep. in another thread specifically about beer. Why is American beer so awful?

BTW- If it’s Polish, what does Ciêciara translate to?
Maybe he’ll be here in a bit to defend his pro-Hitler comments. This ought to be good. Kinda like that gov. Arnold defense when he said he admired Hitler.
No…I didn’t mean it like that. Not thinking straight, hmm who knows, maybe he has a tumor.

Hey, try it – you might like it! :smiley:

Considering what Hitler did to Eastern Europe in WWII, I would expect any member state of the Soviet Bloc to teach its youth about those horrors (while avoiding mention of such minor details as Stalin’s atrocities). I see no reason why Communism and nationalism couldn’t co-exist, as long as the latter didn’t attempt to unseat the former. I will gracefully accept either confirmation or refutation of my suppositions from those in a better position to know.

For sure, but that wouldn’t bar equally fervent blackguarding of Hitler and his jolly crew, would it?

I’ll pick Door Number 3, please.

And you go to your stupid horses.

Say whatever you like, you can’t knock NP’s comic timing!

Actually, they’re quite bright, and they NEVER make punctuation errors. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re also very good neigh-bers.

They never make punctuation errors ,I wonder why? Hmn … maybe because they have brains the size of peanut?
And guys leave my penis alone ,he is stressed enough. :frowning:

Allright…I’ve got to admit it. I’m not the sharpest tack on the boards sometimes. So maybe one O’ ya’ll can explain this insult. Damn I seem to be getting whooshed on a regular basis anymore.
“go to your stupid horses” WTF? :confused:

and did anyone have a clue regarding this word>Ciêciara