I'm sorry, I just had to tell SOMEone

My kitten has the most foul gas right now. He’s only 3 months old, not even a pound I think, and he is stinkin up the joint like nobody’s business. Where the hell is he pulling them from? His tail? Criminy! My friend asked if he was cute, and when I said of course, she said “it doesn’t matter how his farts smell if he’s cute.” Sigh, I suppose she’s right. But daaaaamn!

Heh, some kittys go through a stinky phase. Though, you might look into if it could be something he’s eating? Some foods are too rich or too ashy for a kitten. I’ve found that the Special Kitty brand is pure EVIL in this way, and only use Purina Kitten Chow to feed my kitty, until she’s a year old. It’s the least expensive, decent brand out there I’ve found. Could it be getting into the garbage? That could make it stinky too. Hope you manage to “clear the air” soon. :smiley: Btw, got a picture of the little one? perk

LOL, I am not sure cutennness can excuse some forms of kitty chemical warfare…how can such a cute little thing produce such volumes of godawful stench…falling into that bog in labyrinth?

I know sometimes [without changing the food we feed our little monsters] I walk in right after one has useed the litter pan to the most eyewatering stench and find myself wondering what crawled up their ass and died…

my furballs

saramamalana, don’t tell those heinous lies about that poor sweet kitten! Why, just look at his little face. No way that little angel had anything to do with it! Just own up and quit trying to shift the blame. Farting kitten, indeed! :wink:

Had the same problem with one of my kittens. I fed her some plain yogurt with active cultures (one time) and the problem went away and never came back. I had read about this cure in a pet care column in the paper. And for the record, I have always fed all my cats nothing but Purina Cat Chow and they’ve all been incredibly healthy, except one boy cat. But we got him late in his life when he’d been living wild for a long time, unfixed, so most of his problems were already established.

I’ve had lots of cats. Young or old, not one of them has ever had gas. What are you feeding him? Slim Jims and Old Style?

Hey, aruvqan, Jezebel and Banzai could be my kitties. I have a black and white one and an all-black one. :slight_smile:

As for the OP, when my dog eats the cat’s food, she gets terrible gas. They all (the two cats and the dog) eats Iams, but when she sneak-eats the cat’s food, she is just nasty. She’ll let loose with a room-clearing fart, sniff, look around as if to say, “Who did THAT?” and get up and walk away. It’s like toxic waste. :eek:

The cat I was given for my 15th birthday (originally named Kasta) was very quickly renamed Stinky.
She’s had all sorts of fancy vet foods, and she’s a smelly, smelly little cat no matter what she eats.

My kitten had a very similar problem until he was about four months old. No matter what anyone says, kitten farts are no laughing matter. Especially if you’re rubbing their belly and making them purr and then … oh my gods, what is that stink??? Sirius could make the other cat cry, they were so bad.

But he eventually grew out if it, if that helps. :slight_smile:


But seriously folks, the vet has all the cats on a new dry chow, but I don’t think the kitten has tried it yet. He’s eating the same wet food as the rest of the gang and they’re stink-free. Which is a good thing, considering there’s 5 cats in all. That’s potential for a mushroom cloud right there.

BiblioCat, I’ve never been around when my dog has farted, but my parents tell me that she looks quite surprised when it happens.

Draelin - and it’s made all the worse because they just look so damned happy, too. Curséd kittens! :smiley:

I have a kitten with the same problem and started a GQ thread about it on Sunday, I think. I bought her some dry food instead of the moist I’ve been feeding her and she seems to like it although it’s still too early to be able to tell if the new diet’s working. I hope so… there’s nothing more disconcerting than cradling something cute and furry in your arms and suddenly getting a whiff of death.

Damned thing. The culprit.

I’ve been fostering kittens for the local Humane Society this year and have had fifteen of the little fuzzballs so far. At least half of them have had this problem. A couple of my own cats did too when they were small-they were also strays. It’s toxic no doubt about it but so far they’ve all eventually grown out of it. My sympathies.
On a sidenote, have you actually weighed the little fellow? At three months he should at least be 2 to 2.5 pounds.

This wouldn’t happen to be a picture of your kitty, would it?

So, your cat wouldn’t be black with white stripes running down his back, would he? :dubious:

Just in case you didn’t see my post above (I’m used to being ignored) TRY THE YOGURT.

We had this problem with our newest kitten and the vet said it was not at all uncommon around the time of approaching puberty. Puberty was never allowed to actually occur, but he grew out of the stinkies anyway.

Here is the lil stinker. As I said in the other thread I just posted in, he’s smaller than my flip flops. Looks bigger in the picture.

Ah, the dreaded Kitten Death Farts. It’s amazing what something so tiny and cute can produce. Mitty had them when we first got her - I think she just managed to grow out of them in time. Either that, or she finally stopped eating the dog food. It’s hard to say.

She’s too cute. Does she “talk” with her eyes all the time? Or just when she sees the camera?

Will someone please respond to kittenblue and say that they’ve tried the yogurt?

It sounds feasible given that lack of balances of bacteria in the gut can cause smelly flatulence.